Crack Shack Costa Mesa

Finally was able to try the Crack Shack and have to say I was impressed.

For starters, they did a great job with the old bank space- it’s airy and open with a retractable roof. Very inviting.

I ordered the 5 piece fried chicken, because I know plenty of places that do a good boneless version. Bone-in seems harder to find around here.

Chicken was excellent quality, nice-sized and perfectly cooked. Great crust and they managed to turn out a juicy breast. I wasn’t wild about the seasoning (it was a little bold for my taste), but I must be in the minority on that.

Also tried the schmaltz fries- really tasty, and a feta salad, also good.

I didn’t realize that they had a full bar with some wonderful-looking cocktails Plus , you can sit at the bar and order your food instead of waiting in line.

Will definitely be back to try some of the other things. I haven’t heard so much buzz about a restaurant around here in ages. It seems like everyone has been or wants to go. Great addition to 17th St.


Have you tried their milkshake? Apparently it’s a Costa Mesa only menu item.

No, but I’m working my way through the menu fast as I can. Suprised to see Richard cooking there last week.

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I’m curious about their Mexican poutine.