Yardbird vs. Crack Shack...Any thoughts?

@Chowseeker1999 – and others – weren’t very impressed with OC Crack Shack

Wonder if the Shack in Westfield CC is any better? Or worse? And what about Yardbird, at the next Mall to the East?

I’m heading to Crack Shack CC in a few hours, will let you know. They have a Moet vending machine, so they’re already a 7/10 in my book.

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I adore the Moët vending machine. It’s silly, but if’s fun. I only use it in Vegas at the Mandarin Oriental, though.

After several visits now, I don’t find it crave worthy in the least. I’ll pick up something for my friend’s son and we eat elsewhere. I still prefer Memphis in that area.

Crack Shack fried chicken = competent technique but lacking in seasoning.

Also, I need a Moët vending machine in my daily life. Where can I get reasonably priced splits wholesale?!?!?

I’d say very competent – ours was crisp with no shatter batter at all and the meat was very moist – but agree it lacks seasoning. The crust tasted sweet, like they add maple syrup or something. Needs to be spicier like Gus. Even the spicy fried chicken sandwich was lacking any heat.