Dubious list of the top 25 cities for pizza in the US

The study pinpointed Detroit—known for its square, deep-dish, crispy-crust style of pizza—as the “pizza capital of the U.S.” … Rounding out the list’s top 10 were: Buffalo, No. 2; New York, No. 3; Vancouver, Washington, No. 4; Pittsburgh, No. 5; Peoria, Arizona, No. 6; Providence, Rhode Island, No. 7; Mesa, Arizona, No. 8; and Toledo and Columbus, Ohio, tied for No. 9.

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What bizarre methodology and results.

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Yeah, any calculation that assumes Yelp scores are comparable between cities will give odd results. In places where there is little or no great pizza, reviewers have on average lower standards.

And if a city has 10 or 30 or 50 great pizza places, who cares whether there are 100 or 10,000 mediocre ones?

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So… it’s pizza shops per capita? What a weird way conduct a ranking…

Also, there’s a magazine by and for the Pizza industry. Of course there is. I feel foolish for not knowing this before. It’s like finding a door to Narnia in a closet that has always been there, but you simply hadn’t thought to look.

Now what we need is an indie pizza 'zine because PMQ sold out and went all corporate, man…

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PMQ is the hipper alternative to Pizza Today.

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Before print tanked a decade or so ago, there were a crapton of niche publications. There’s still a lot of small regional topical ones around run by single owner and small staff. Print isn’t dead but it certainly is a lot smaller.

I think magazines with “qualified nonpaid circulation” in a particular industry or other niche (e.g. private jet or yacht owners) can sell plenty of ads to companies trying to sell into that market. Those magazines are often next to invisible to the general public.


I know, but I am continually surprised (and largely in a good way) by the SPECIFICITY of some of them. A publication for chef’s? Sure. Restauranteurs, yeah. But PIZZA restauranteurs specifically. That’s knowing your market.

I wonder if among, say, model railroad enthusiasts, there are separate publications for each of the scales. i.e." HO Monthly" vs “G Train Review”

Agree. I’m very familiar with that type of niche. But even that can be challenging. Often it’s used more as a community and brand building tool for higher margin products or events.

Might not be a regular frequency but often there will be an annual or bi-annual issue that focuses exclusively on that niche.

I don’t think it’s knowing the market so much as that the companies that buy the ads are focused on it. If you’re selling pizza ovens, dough presses, pizza paddles, or pizza boxes, you want to reach pizza restaurants. I used to get both PMQ and Pizza Today, and the number of pizza-specific products was remarkable.

Huntington Beach :joy::joy::joy:


Over Los Angeles and San Francisco . Huntington Beach , really .:roll_eyes: