Dyafa - Oakland

Nice to see Riesling getting more respect. Germans were by far the best, no surprise.

Too vinegary for my taste. Probably wouldn’t order again. I’ll have to look for some fresh green almonds.

Eggplant was very good though I expected smokier flavor since it said “charred” on the menu.

Didn’t get a great photo of the muhammara. Very good, often that stuff’s too sweet for me.

Khobz / pita scalding hot from the oven and still fully puffed. Excellent.

Several people told me I had to get the lamb shank. Good dish but the lamb itself was kind of bland for my taste, I’m used to a gamier flavor.

That was a lot of food for one, I took half the shank home. Looking forward to going back to try more things.

I think Daniel Patterson was working the pass.

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Hummus kawarma ($16), best dish I’ve had there so far. Great hummus, didn’t skimp on the tahini. Lamb seasoning included dried lime and sumac, unusual and delicious.

Got the charred eggplant ($11) again, this time it was plenty smoky. Delicious.

One of those came with pita so we could have gotten away without ordering one ($3), but we ate it all.

Should have taken another photo of the hindbeh ($9), braised dandelion with walnuts, very good.

Musakan ($28), new to me, Palestinian-style braised chicken thighs and leg with onions, red cabbage, toasted pine nuts, etc. served on markook flatbread. Really good.

That was more than enough food for two, one of these days I’ll have to save appetite for the kenafeh.