Elon Musk: threat or menace?

Friend was at Gjelina the other day and said Elon was there, surrounded by multiple bodyguards

I prefer the Gjeff Bezos and Gjay-Z crossover at Horses last November. (While Elon did well in theory to popularize EVs to make them a viable segment, his advancement of AI leads to many, many bad scenarios in my opinion. But I digress.)


mark gjuckerberg vs egjlon, who can eat more pizzas? the ultimate showdown


Zuckerbergj by gjuillotine sub or maybe even a gjogjoplata. Gjeff is maybe a better match because Gjeff gjot gjacked.

Anyway, seems like I need to go back for some pastas soon.



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His involvement with AI particular of LLMs isn’t that great. Yes, he was an early investor if companies as OpenAI but he never had much influence nor was he in general a strong driving force behind the current AI development

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I believe there are many things to hammer Elon on, but I don’t think AI is one. He founded OpenAI as a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring safe AI development. He is an AI sceptic - in the sense that his biggest fear is AI taking over the world (see: AGI). When the other OpenAI founders got greedy and subverted the original mission by becoming a for-profit enterprise detached from its original mission, he bailed.

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The flip side of that is Elon insists on pushing out an AI product in autopilot that is pretty clearly not quite ready for prime time. Or perhaps better stated, he 1) markets it as ready and thus charges consumers full price for it and b) markets it as ready which encourages consumers to use it stupidly, when it very much needs human intervention. So while he’s not involved in OpenAI, he’s definitely playing some role in putting AI products into the wild…

That said, this isn’t just an Elon problem. It’s a societal problem. AI is probably the most powerful technology, easiest to use and most scalable of anything we’ve ever seen. Right now, you have companies, governments and individuals how have access to LLMs and while there are good use cases, there are also very very bad use cases. And there is no regulatory oversight in the near-term given most governments are technologically inept. IMO, AI will ultimately have to be controlled / regulated similar to nuclear weapons by a global committee.

Sorry, total divergence but this is an area I’m super focused on these days!


But using it in a Tesla (and believing you can use it to “drive”) is a fault of a driver - nobody forces you to use - people should just starting to use their brains and take some responsibility for their own stupidity.

No doubt… But let’s get back to food! Much more pleasant and delicious topic :slight_smile:

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I purchased a new Tesla last month; I had previously been leasing one. It came with 3 free months of Full Self-Driving as a year end incentive. I’ve long used the Autopilot feature, which as I am sure you know can steer to keep you in a lane, and speed up/slow down to keep a consistent distance to the car ahead of you. It was novel when it came out, but a number of manufacturers have such a feature now. Anecdotally, Autopilot works great. In 3+ years of using it on the highway, I never had any issues. I do know that there have been issues with it and there are investigations into it underway. But again, just for me personally, I feel safe using it and will continue to use it. I always have total attention on the road while using it. Just speculating, but I presume many of the notable accidents that have occurred while it was engaged were because the people were not paying attention to the road.

Full Self-Driving on the other hand. Jesus christ, that product is a nightmare. I’ve tried it a couple times now, just to get a sense of its capabilities. Every single time i’ve tried it, I have had to disengage it to prevent a crash. It gets confused by lane merges or new lanes. It doesn’t know what to do you’re cruising in a lane and suddenly there are cars parked in the lane. I can’t believe they shipped that product. And it’s on version 12 or whatever. I can’t imagine how much worse V1-11 were. I am absolutely not using Full Self-Driving again anytime soon. So I would agree, that when it comes to autonomous driving AI specifically, Elon is a total shyster.

Back to Gjelina though…I know I’m in the minority here, but I just don’t think their pizzas are particularly special. I think it’s the crust - I just don’t think it’s that good. :man_shrugging:


Not sure how well known Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is in the US but it was and still is one of oldest and largest hacker groups in Europe and especially in Germany but they recently were able to hack into the “core” of Tesla’s and showed their security vulnerabilities

Elon needs to own up to overselling full self driving. He should be content with creating the greatest car company on the planet.

I know this is a food board (but this is also a threat or menace flow) - Tesla as the greatest car company on the planet - ? on what beyond the hype ? (I give him that he is sometimes a good sales person (with little actual substance behind, not only with Tesla)


All EV.

A network of superchargers across the U.S.

Great range. We drove to Las Vegas on one charge.

Incredible acceleration. The best on the road.

Great touchscreen display and software.

By far the best sound system I’ve ever heard in an automobile. Sometimes I listen to entire albums or symphonies just parked somewhere.

Doesn’t need maintenance. No oil changes, no nothing.

Autopilot works just about perfectly.

Glass roof is lovely.

I have a Tesla and it’s great but just because Elon Musk is a blithering troll who turns everything into a disjointed political screed doesn’t mean you have to do the same.


don’t feed the troll.