Ernest - Mission

excellent dinner at ernest. will be back to try the strawberry shortcake shave ice.

kaluga caviar, tater tots, creme fraiche

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sushi rice, ikura, raw beef, toasted nori

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not sure why they put this on ice, which made the rice cold.

ca king salmon, coachella valley corn, fermented black bean

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mexican shrimp coctel, avocado, saltines

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uni toast, jamon serrano, quail egg

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potatoes, katsuobushi

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lo mein, sea urchin ‘carbonara’, olivier’s bacon

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spring peas, fresh ricotta, crispy chicken skin

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parker house rolls, house cultured butter, its milk

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duck confit fried rice, coachella valley corn, thai basil

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coachella valley corn tempura, cotija, aioli, lime

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21-day aged liberty duck, cherries, morels

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soft serve sundae

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OMG, my birthday is tomorrow and we got some Idaho sturgeon caviar. I was thinking about using potato chips but maybe some tots! Thanks for sharing.


Lots of the same (seasonal) dishes I had last June. Chef’s menu has gone up only 2%.

“Recently, Ms. Mariscal organized for herself a low-key 30th birthday celebration in the back room of a neighborhood restaurant, and brought along a large tin of white sturgeon caviar — a Zabar family tradition. When Mr. Chang showed up, he ladled it immoderately over potato chips and sour cream, insisting that Ms. Mariscal eat her fill.”

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Several weeks ago we had an overall quite enjoyable first time visit at Ernest. Their “Let the Kitchen Cook for You” option is a nice way to experience a broader selection of their dishes. Creative cooking with many influences recognizable in their dishes which often give them some “unexpected” flavors. The only improvement could be their service which in itself isn’t bad but Ernest is unfortunately one of the more recent restaurants which restricts the seating time to two hours which leads with such a “tasting menu” to a rather rushed evening especially if you like it slow paced (and asked for it). Beside a short break before the desserts, there was literally no break between any of the courses and new utensils and subsequent new dishes were brought several seconds after the last dish was removed from the table.

Totten oyster, chilled tom kha

Sushi rice, ikura, raw beef, toasted nori - it’s becoming one of their signature dishes and it’s easy to see why - great mix of flavors and textures

Mexican shrimp coctel, avocado, saltines

Marinated Citrus, cascabel chili, stracciatella, chicharron

Cherry blossom-cured king salmon, english pea, umeboshi, shiso

BBQ Oysters, smoked chili butter

Parker rolls, house cultured butter & its milk

Grilled avocado, everything seeds, sprouts, trout roe

Pork neck tonkatsu, nashville hot, ranch dressing, pickles, koshihikari fried rice, english pea, green garlic, wood ear

Soft serve sundae