Momofuku’s Secret Sauce: A 30-Year-Old C.E.O

“We could have a radicchio salad with a spicy hozon dressing,” offered one chef.

“No one loves radicchio,” Mr. Chang said. “No one eats it, man, I’m sorry.”

“We could call it bitter greens,” suggested another.

Mr. Chang didn’t buy it. “No one wants bitter greens,” he said. “Stop being a chef.”

Potato chips, sour cream and caviar. And everyone lived happily ever after.

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I like that Zabar family tradition.

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I’m going to have to breakdown and subscribe soon. the NYT has too much good content. It used to be easier to get around it.

You can get it for $1 a week for the first year. That includes the recipe database, which is normally billed separately.

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if you have a L.A. library card you can get a free NYT subscription (…and don’t even get me started on all the amazing films that you can also watch for free via the library and kanopy)


Finally read the article it is really interesting. It really seems (not only from reading this but also the podcast) that DC hires people with an interesting story/strong point of view, usually young then tries to set up a restaurant or position that will accelerate there growth.

This is cool and all, but does anyone think that if she wasn’t a privileged Zabar, would she have been able to stomach an intern salary or do the years of grunt work while trying to survive in NYC? Her connections and resources allowed her the freedom to choose and pursue this kind of profession.
While I commend her hard work and determination, I find it hard to glaze over the fact that very few people would have been able to enjoy this kind of coverage from the NYT.


Yup, it seems like a pattern of his he finds someone young ambitious and under qualified with a good story then gives them a great title. I guess the idea is that they will work hard to match his belief in them. The example that comes to mind is Eujo Park from Momofuku Kawai who worked at fantastic restaurants but had always been a line cook before he put her in as head chef…

I’m not saying it’s good or bad but it seems to be his management style

She was an intern for only four months, straight out of college except for a few months managing a farmers market. Four years later, Chang first proposed making her CEO. That’s remarkable even for a privileged New Yorker.

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Oooooo. Tempting. And what a fab suggestion for the holidays… Just saying : )

Wait - what?!

Let me hit up their website and learn more! Thank you!

sure—here’s the link if you don’t feel like searching:

also–a free subscription to for those wanting to up their software skills.


Okay, you are the second person who talked to me about the NY Times and the Los Angeles Library in two days, so I dove in and signed in. From what I can tell, I have to re-sign in every two days? (with my library card)

But to be able to wander the NYT for free? Well worth it! Thank you!

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