Europe (Finally) Wakes Up to Superior Coffee

I have been drinking coffee in Europe for 25 years, and have never found it to be lacking – if anything, I far prefer the espresso in France and Italy to the bitter mess that Starbuck’s passes off as espresso.

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I agree a million times . After coming back from Italy I searched many c shops for espresso . Even San Francisco . My favorite espresso is at café Graffeo in SF . Still not as good as Italy . A little sugar . Stir , and knock it back .

That is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

Á chacun á son gôut

“Do we applaud fair-trade, sustainable farmed, shade-grown joe? Sure. Why not? But when we sit down to a cup of coffee in the morning, we are not particularly interested in the blueberry, caramel, or tomato soup nuances a dedicated roaster can coax out of a bean, nor in the intricate ballet of the four-minute pour-over or the Eva Solo flagon. We want coffee that tastes like coffee, and we want it now.”—Jonathan Gold