Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico (CNN / HBO Max)

I enjoyed this knockoff of Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, but not being an accomplished cook or a scholar of Mexican cuisines she’s not as good a host / producer as he is.

I am interested in also hearing @Dommy’s opinion. :slight_smile:

I’m like… Wasn’t there already a post about this?!? But my opinions on the show are on this thread and maybe one other?! lol.

It’s enjoyable and although there certainly are quibbles (like Sushi in Mexico City?!), if you understand her background and the life that she leads in Mexico… her choices make absolute sense. If anything she is a voice of Mexico that you don’t very often hear but is becoming more and more common among young U.S. Latinos. It’s just her retroaculturation has come with a really unique set of circumstances.


Are you talking about Hiyoko? That’s Japanese-Mexican fusion yakitori. No sushi. Seemed perfectly appropriate to me to show an example of the international influences that are happening now along with the mostly traditional stuff.


Oh, whoops! Thought it was about a diff show or project (I didn’t review that thread bf posting). Heh.