"fancy" Korean recommendations?

Looking for a recommendation for a “fancier” Korean place. Wanted to book Kinn but it was booked up. Modern Korean or traditional would work. Thank you.

absteak is “fancy”

is it any good?


Yangban Society
Daedo Sikdang has fancy decor, but fill up your stomach at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong beforehand.

Yangban’s decor is fancy for a deli, but it’s just counter service, isn’t it?

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Yong Su San
Private dining rooms. Set menus only. For me, the second least expensive was the best. The more expensive, the more seafood


Thank you for all the recommendations. Ended up at Pasjoli instead, and do not regret it!
Next time…


did they have the duck pathivier?

we did not order, and I do not recall if it was on the menu.