Farmhouse Kitchen - Jack London Square

Recently opened in the space where Jack’s Oyster Bar used to be. Same owner as Daughter Thai in Montclair and Farmhouse Kitchen in SF but a more interesting menu than either. Was there by myself and ate at the bar, pretty comfortable. Good service.


Papaya salad ($12 + $2 for fermented fish and salted crab) was very good. Not very spicy by my standards.


Kang kua prawns ($22.50). Quite good. Bigger portion than it might look like in the photo.


Crab fried rice ($26.25), delicious. Again a bigger portion than you might think from the photo. I didn’t find the broth very interesting.

That would have been plenty of food for two people. I’m looking forward to going back on a warm afternoon with a group to try more things and enjoy the outdoor seating.


Thanks @robert. What made that rice turn blue? :open_mouth:

Butterfly-pea flower. It’s an edible flower that grows on a vine in Thailand. Usually made into a bright-blue tea. Doesn’t taste like much, sort of like green tea. Our local Thai place serves blue rice but it kind of freaks me out so I ask for the regular kind.

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I had the 24 Hour Beef Noodle Soup. Loved every bite and last time I was feeling under the weather I asked my daughter to get me some. So delicious, truly comfort food.

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This was porkier and fattier than the usual herbal sausage, I think maybe it’s not fermented raw. Delicious.

Pad prik king, good, not exciting.

Pad seew, tasty but no wok hay.

Panang neua: bone-in braised short rib in fantastic Penang curry. Fantastic. Very rich.



This turned out to be basically Chinese-American sweet-and-sour chicken. Pretty good if you like that dish, not overly sweet.


With minced pork ($2 extra). This was OK though I wouldn’t order it again. Definitely spicy. Seemed short of noodles for the quantity of other stuff.

Wouldn’t order the Federation Brewing Red Rye again, either.

Next time I have to try the crispy pork belly. Would have today except I had pork last night and have a bunch of leftover pork in the fridge.

Generally speaking I’d rather go to Larb, but it was a beautiful day to eat outside by the estuary.