Adams Blvd

We’ve done Crenshaw and Pico. Adams is changing so fast. Let’s do Adams.

Adams Blvd

Mian - Mian Noodle House - any early reports? - #3 by TonyC

Chulita - Chulita - Menu

Tartine - Menu Tartine

Delicious Pizza -

Taqueria Los Anaya -

Cento -

Alta -

Mizlala - West Adams — Mizlala | Menu

Vee’s Cafe - yelp food |

Open face food shop -

Bee Taqueria -

Vicky’s All Day -

Johnny’s West Adams -

Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine LA - Los Angeles | Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine

Menu | FTC Review By Robert

What else?


That overpriced Thai, Farmhouse

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The Oakland branch has some great dishes.

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How does it taste? I looked it up. It looks great!

Phillips BBQ

I love Phillips BBQ mixed sauce with Pete’s links!

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When was the last time you ate there? Phillips might be the worst bbq in LA. I say this having done a survey of south LA bbq’s a few years back and then also having gone just a few months ago. It was gross with no redeeming aspect. I was sitting there like why am I eating this slop until I stopped the cycle of self-hatred and tossed it in the trash.

Ribtown BBQ on Jefferson is insanely good. Rib tips on another level. Fridays and Saturday only and then only sometimes but ain’t that the way.

If anyone’s curious who won the bbq survey it was Brother’s BBQ on 77th and Crenshaw but I haven’t been for a while. Woody’s came in 2nd with the Slauson location outdoing the one in Hyde Park significantly.


The links are pretty good because it’s made locally in south central. Never tried the meats. The Pete’s links are legit

Looks like brothers is closed

The Crenshaw/Adams location is much better than other locations. I get Phillips at least every other month and it is excellent. I always get a pound of rib tips and whole chicken, mixed sauce on the side. I prefer Phillips much more than Bludsos La Brea which just doesn’t hit like the now defunct Compton location.

The location on Centinela is not as good.

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I agree with everything you said, except I do prefer Bludsos over it. That Centinela location sucks. I don’t know why it’s so bad. I also think Woody’s sucks the few times I have had it. Yes, Brothers did indeed close, I never tried it. I also never tried JR’s BBQ.

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This is my neck of the woods, so I’ll share a few thoughts on the edible portion of the miracle of turbo-charged gentrification brought to you by CIM™ that is Adams Blvd.

Got some takeout from here during covid and they were so geared to takeout that nothing was hot. MFers assumed I have a microwave. The noodles were pretty good but not inspiring enough for a return.

Priced like the best bakery in town it falls maybe in the upper tier of shitty bakeries. Their breads are not very good though they turn out decent pastry. They also have not figured tax into their prices which means everything comes out to like something and seven cents so F you if you want to pay in cash. They are the bakery version of the tiresome bay area transplant that says hella.

Delicious Pizza
Solid neighborhood joint but not necessarily a ‘destination’. Order your pie crispy if you don’t want it underdone - there’s a risk it will be too ‘crispy’, but I quibble. Good basic pie selection with a couple decent sandwiches. Hawaiian is my go-to. They throw a fun block party.

Taqueria Los Anaya
I had been eating here before I came to west adams and it was my regular takeout for a while. Lengua burrito, sopes and the off-menu shrimp ceviche are all very good. Numerous misses on the menu though. During covid their special status as the west adams mexican place where you don’t have to order in bad spanish really juiced their pricing. I understand there were a variety of market forces at play at the time but when the lengua burrito went from $16.50 to $18.50 I had to check out. Apparently I wasn’t the only one because at some point they took the price back down. And I got a lengua burrito but I don’t go as much as I used to.

Cooking is like v2.0 post and beam when it was on the downslope and govingio was no longer in the kitchen. They obviously spent a lot on the decor.

Open face food shop
Neighborhood hero. Probably the best qpr on the strip. They’ve had to pivot and re-pivot since opening as they must’ve figured those nearby office towers were gonna fill up but they just keep putting out great food. The not always available danish shrimp sandwich may be the best sandwich in town. Great for takeout but they have a pleasant patio in the back for dine-in. You can mix and match the open face sandwiches with things like smoked cod and gravlax. Really nice owners who are there every day. This is a ‘destination’.

Johnny’s West Adams
I was skeptical when this place opened but the pastrami is good (served on tartine bread!) and they run the busy kitchen efficiently. I like half a pastrami reuben, slaw, with a slice of banana cream. Parking requires some ingenuity.


The original made the best bread in the Bay Area, some of the best in the world. Sad what ill-considered corporate expansion can do.

The play at Tartine is their Sandwich Loaf. It’s like
Shokupan but with actual flavor. Love it. For other loaves, I just get the frozen ones from

Open Faced’s Danish Hot Dogs are amazing. They did make your own at home kits during the lockdown and it was one of our favorite splurge meals.

Johnny’s continues to be one of my favorite places. I love their salad and matzoh ball soup. It’s a standard order.

My adds to the area…

I still love Vees for their Salads. So good. I LOVE the Al Pastor at Tacos 5 y 10. I am always rushing through the area as of late because of the remodel so I haven’t been able to try their Tlyuda but soon! I also have a visit to Comador Techita on my must do, sooner rather than later. My favorite in the Area has to be Vicky’s. Their crispy mushrooms are some of my favorite bites period.


Comedor Tenchita is so good. Some deep cut dishes. Super sweet family.


Also my neck of the woods.

I like coffee at HiLi but not the food.

Love a meet up at johnnies or Mizlala with friends. I prefer johnnies burger to anything else there.

Mian is a staple weeknight din when I don’t want to cook. Only do it for dine in though. The chengdu noodles are my fav but the differential in spice and numbing is wild depending on the night.

Taco stand on 29th and Crenshaw has some of my fav Al pastor and tripa around. Anyone know the name of it? I usually just walk there with my pup on a thurs/Friday night for a bite.

I…like tartine but the price increases have been a bitch. I get the reasoning, though.

I’d like Cento to change the menu up more.

No interest in trying Chulita

Curious what will replace party beer Co on Jefferson.

Excited for Maydan (love the DC location)

Anyone done the Bee Taqueria Omakase? Worth it?

Anyone wanna sell me a house before I’m priced out of my rent here?


Where is that going?

Why not?

Maydan is opening on Jefferson across from highly likely.

Chulita’s menu seems very boring in comparison to the mexican offerings around the city and even in the immediate neighborhood. Just not for me! but looks like a cute hang spot.

Mian is good - better than when they opened, IMHO, and has added some items since opening. I like their cold noodles very much.

Can never get enough of Mizlala’s falafel sandwich.


YES!!! I LOVE Compass Rose and so I am excited about that alone, but the plans for the space are more than I ever hoped for that space. Plus, it’s super easy to get there via the E line which makes me so happie.

They also earned major points from me for a great pre-opening event they had in the area with local makers and pop ups. Love that they want to be part of the community.