Fast Food Thread

Let’s talk fast food…

I’m a big Del Taco guy. Can’t go wrong with anything there IMO, best fast food burgers outside of IN N OUT.

Worst fast foods: Mcdonalds & burger king,


I can do those dollar rollers at del taco so good

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Not McDonald’s. I’ve ordered the same thing for years . Big Mac , cheese burger, no fries . It will hold me for hours. You never know when your going to be stranded.

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Favorite national chain: Wendy’s

Favorite LA local chain: Everest

Chain I miss the most: Culver’s

But you also gotta come correct with the car condiment caddy if you’re serious.


Nice .

The one thing I go to Burger King for. I’ll get a double whopper extra onion extra tomato. Everything else imho… sucks… ok except for the Freestyle Coke.

Love Del Taco! Just had two Turkey Del Tacos yesterday.


I’m going to go a bit further besides what I said above and of course In N Out, imho, is tops.

I too like McDonald’s for whatever reason it takes me to my youth. To the very first time I saw a kid working there wiping snot on a bun.

Jack. I can’t live without those damn tacos. Underrated breakfast menu. Stuffed jalapeños and ranch. Who knew?

I’ll tell you which ones I miss out here. I know no one will understand when I say that I miss White Castle. Sorry the frozen ones while serviceable just are not the same as ordering 30 burgers at a counter. We also had a similar place called Krystal in the south.

The other chain I wish they had out here is Bojangles.

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How dare you? Nothing beats McDonald’s breakfast on road trips. Sausage egg mcmuffin with a hash brown. Can’t be beat.

In N Out is the best fast food and the only one we go to more than once per quarter.

I hit up White Castle on almost every trip to Vegas.

Have yet to try Raising Cain’s but people have said they have great chicken.


I don’t eat that much FF anymore, but here goes…

This. The Big Mac was my first “grownup” burger as a kid, bought for me by my grandfather. I’ll get in there once or twice a year for a Big Mac and a Filet-o-Fish. Their Sausage Egg McMuffin is one of the better fast food breakfast sandwiches.

In-N-Out is definitely the best QPR for a FF burger, if not the best period. Fatburger is also solid.

Del Taco > Taco Bell… but I have a Naugles within 2 miles, and I can get that delivered, so…

'Berto’s (depending on location) has carne asada burritos, taquitos, and machaca & egg burritos that hit the spot at times (speaking of Drunk, Stoned and Hungry).

Popeye’s for the chicken sandwich and chicken in general.

JITB for Sourdough Jack (also nostalgia) and the Sausage Croissant.

Used to love Steak N Shake’s burgers, but haven’t had one in years.

Carl’s would have been on the list years ago, but they’ve gone way down hill.

I found Raising Cain’s to be overrated, but YMMV. They’re building one right by my house, so I may give it another shot sometime.


Culver’s! Now I want to buy a ticket to Wisconsin. Another place I was pleased surprised by was Whattaburger in Arizona.

used to be a big Carl’s jr fan way back their fries back in the day were great… Even loved the southwest chicken when in first came out. but yeah, it’s not as bad as McD but i never go anymore.

It’s funny I used to live in SD I hardly think of *berto’s as fast food even though it is. great stuff


I remember when they first opened in my home town. They built two restaurants; a Carl’s and a Mexican place next door called Taco de Carlos. I don’t remember how the Mexican was. It’s a Taco Bell now.

Onion rings were a novelty, especially when you got a french fry or two in there. I was hooked on the Western Bacon Cheeseburger when it came out.

McDonald’s recently (about a year ago maybe?) changed the quarter pounder to fresh meat, and they usually make it fresh. Better than the Wendy’s burger now.

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In N Out…for me it’s the best ff. My usual order: Definitely the #1 Combo…Whole Grilled , Grilled, and Raw Onions, Chopped Chiles. Fries twice cooked, sometimes Animal style, drink is usually an Arnold Palmy or Shake.
Sometimes I’ll make lemon pepper fries. Order a double double with “Big Mac” ingredients.

McD’s…those damn vanilla cones!!! Lol so good! The fries of course. I do like the breakfast sandwiches! And we LA FTCers like Filet o Fish with a hasbrown. I am a sucker for those cheeseburgers…the combination of ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onions is magical! I love Big Macs as a kid.

Popeyes…best ff fried chicken. Red beans and rice. Chicken sandwich. Biscuits.

Carl’s Jr…I don’t know if they invented the Western style cheeseburger but that is my favorite thing as a teenager was those western bacon cheeseburgers. The criss cut fries.

Del Taco. I am Team Del Taco! I like a lot of their items lol and their el scorcho hot sauce.

Jack In Box…those freaking greasy 2 for 99 cents tacos lol! This is like the secret foodie most guilty pleasure I think. Use Del Tacos hot sauce though.
In a way it reminds me of those chalupas we had as a kid, if you grew up going to school in Los Angeles County or City you know what I mean!

Panda Express. Half half. Double Orange Chicken.

____ (insert male name) Burgers/Grill. These places are all over LA/OC. They all serve the same stuff…burgers, burritos, pastrami (thin), chicken bowls. Some of them have these huge zucchini spears with parm that you dip in ranch sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken Bowls…besides Seattle, I think SoCal loves TCB’s, I think maybe Orange County more. I love Mos 2 (horchata and tapatio is a must) and Tikiyaki (habanero teriyaki sauce is a must) are the best damn spots for this, and 2 different styles. Flamer Broiler originated in Fullerton, insane how big they got, the green sauce is pretty good there but I think the portions suck now.


I lived on ‘bertos as a grad student

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____ertos (Alberto’s, Alertos, copy cats etc) Carne Asada Fries is legendary in So Cal (thank you San Diego) For the those in college, stoners, Saturday night post bar food, etc this dish is a certified classic!!!


LA Hood Classics…

Tam’s Chilli Cheese Fries

Dino’s Chicken and Fries

Mom’s Burgers The Chronic Burger

Tommy’s (Beverly x Rampart only), Chili Burger


I was introduced to Portillo’s in Chicago two years ago - and still miss it!

McDonalds and Wendys for overall quality and price. Each has some extra credit for some specifics -

McDonalds - fabulous cheap good coffee. Still love their fries. Love the dollar menu and the many chicken choices. Egg McMuffin for the win :yum:

Wendys - great soda choices, surprisingly good salads. Their full sized burgers are great and their Jr. Burger gets extra credit for being bigger than McDonalds “regular” - but still not that bad for you and satisfying.

Burger King - I will never order the fries. sigh. But kudos to their whopper jr, for being somewhat healthy and still satisfying. Yay the 10 piece chicken nugget order for $1.49. Tasty and very very handy!

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I’ve been to the Portillo’s in Buena Park near Knott’s Berry Farm twice. It was ok but not something that we crave. The Chicago dog was good but I prefer the Shake Shack version. The beef dip was fine but not as good as versions I’ve had in Chicago. Something feels like it got lost in translation. The hot pepper spread was great though. I love that stuff.

@js76wisco - thanks for that info. I have been tempted to make the drive, to see - but now I don’t have to! Sorry for all that it is not as good : (