Favorite Panettone Brand(s)

My mom is a panettone lover and mentioned DiCamillo as the favorite brand she’s tried so far. I’d like to get her a panettone for the holidays. At my local fancy grocery Nugget Market (a regional chain in parts of Northern CA), they had several brands and types on offer, including Chiostro and Fiasconaro. However, the prices were too steep to just buy and try blindly. Any panettone favorites you all recommend?

I like Gallup

You can find it at Eataly, or Guidi Marcello.

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Thanks for the rec! I looked at Galup holiday offerings on the Guidi Marcello website you linked and the fig and chocolate panettone sounds divine. I’m curious about Eataly but wary given crowd and parking warnings on the L.A. board.

Depend on when (or if) you go to Eataly, they might be having free samples of the various panettone on offing at the store. So that may be a reason to go.

Good luck, and let us know what you end up getting and how its received.

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the rolls royce of panettone. price is steep but well worth it.

Seems weird that someone charging $50 for a panettone wouldn’t list the ingredients.

There are ingredients listed for each flavor


Thanks for the rec. Found this NYT article about “From Roy.”


goldbelly.com has the ingredients, but personally I’d never have gotten past thisisfromroy.com without a list of ingredients.

If that’s an FDA-compliant ingredient list, it has a lot less butter than most.

Eataly was a great idea for panettone perusal. As I mentioned in the L.A. board, there were samples of a chestnut panettone (Bonifanti brand). I was interested in Galup’s fig and chocolate, but my mom did not want any with chocolate. Since she had her heart set on her favorite from DiCamillo, we placed an order. Shipped quickly from New York, we tucked into it today. Tender and lightly sweet cake studded with raisins and candied fruit, finished with hazelnut-almond icing. The baked icing with whole almonds really makes this panettone a treat.


Dos anyone make panettone from scratch in Southern California?

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Thanks for the link. Their panettone price is much more reasonable than I expected. And I love a good stollen. The one I tried from Rockenwagner last year was quite nice.

For what it’s worth, I believe making bad stollen is a lot harder than making bad panettone, so DIY is more plausible

This year we tried the Galup, which my mom found at Whole Foods. Very tender, studded with dried fruits and hazelnuts, topped by an icing crust with whole almonds. On the sweeter side, but I also helped myself to a big piece :grin:

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My friend and I just talked about this a minute ago! @PorkyBelly !!!

Whole Foods used to chop up Roy’s panettone into quarters so you didn’t have to drop $75 for the whole thing. I haven’t seen them break it up this year but we’d get a quarter. Delicious.

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a slice of freshly toasted roy’s is so good.


sightglass is selling them now, hopefully they’ll do the same.

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