February 2021 Rundown

apple galette from top pastry chef Fuyuko Kondo. she trained and worked in paris and tokyo under chefs gaston lenotre and joel robuchon. watch her take on iron chef sakai in battle chocolate and apple.

The crisp and buttery crust is made from tehachapi grain project sonora wheat flour and is filled with a cinnamon-y granny smith apple compote and is topped with tender slices of honey crisp.

I paired it with antico’s horchata crunch ice cream because I’m a glutton.



Ate it at midnight, on the dot!


Wow! OG Iron Chef Japan competitor in our midst


Tempura Endo

this scratched my lukewarm tempura itch.

tendon - prawns, shrimp kakiage, halibut, asparagus, eggplant, corn, shrimp stuffed shiitake, pumpkin

ten maki - shrimp, anago, shiso leaf, shrimp stuffed shiitake mushroom, shishito,
pumpkin, corn


Did you eat it right away? Can’t imagine tempura holding up well.

ERTAT? The corn looks phenomenal :drooling_face:

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ERTAT on any tempura is a “golden” (see what I did there? :slight_smile: ) rule in general.

When I picked up my order at Endo in January, I was the only customer. Show them some love.


Eat Right Then and There.

Usually applies to fried foods but could also apply to something so good that you have to ERTAT


started eating less than 10 minutes after picking up.

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Ali’i Fish Market - El Segundo

Ahi katsu sandwich - probably my favorite sandwich here, had some poke as well but ate it before taking pictures.

Happy Together - Chino Hills

3 meat combo over rice w/ soy sauce chicken, charsiu and roast duck

Banh Xeo Boys - Stanton

Swimming Pig banh xeo - pretty damn tasty and that nuoc cham is fire :fire:

Woody’s BBQ - Slauson/Crenshaw

Rib tips w/ mixed sauce on the side

Bay Cities Deli - Santa Monica

Italian sausage sandwich - reheated on bottom rack convection oven for 20 minutes at 400F ~ perfection

Laroolou - Chinatown

You’ll weren’t joking about these thiccies, fuckin crack. I had two different ones and the cookies n cream one which I didn’t photograph was amazing

T n T Aloha Cafe - Torrance

Portuguese sausage mix with bacon fried rice and of course, side mac salad

And side SPAM musubi - love the umeboshi and furikake they add inside

Hilltop Jamaican Restaurant - Pomona

Oxtail dinner and chicken curry pattie

Angry Egret Dinette - Chinatown

Pig foot torta

The Saguaro

Sapp Coffee Shop - Thai Town

Boat noodle soup

Jade noodles

Papaya salad

Chinese broccoli w/ crispy pork

Ba Le - Westminster

Banh mi ga + trung - consider me addicted to Ba Le, this was banh mi perfection. The Flower Festival is going on now as well for Tet next door at Asian Garden Mall, plenty of red envelopes for sale.

Johnny’s Pastrami - West Adams

Double Johnny burger and Johnny fries - this was a ton of food which I do not recommend eating for one person unless feeling YOLO

My atittude before eating:


And after eating Johnny’s:



Serious chowing!

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Thank you @J_L for putting Endo on my radar!
So satisfying. Had to park across the street from the nearby Trattoria, so I had serious ERTAT mentality. Rushed back to my car and was welcomed by a box of gloriousness.


What’s that?
I googled and just got something in farsi.

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Eat right then and there :grin:


corn, shrimp stuffed shiitake and shrimp kakiage were the highlights


Beef barg with baghali polo from Samshiri Grill in Westwood.


Random winter musings as the pandemic enters its second year…

Let’s not make Chinatown a ghost town. Gotta give Chinatown some love…

Today Starts Here is a Chinatown breakfast venture from the good people who brought you Pine and Crane (Silver Lake) and Joy (Highland Park). Really delicious Chinese breakfast items, made to order. The black sesame soy milk was fragrant and smooth. Fan tuan containing with pork floss, fried crueller, braised egg, preserved veggies, all wrapped in purple sticky rice was dense and packed with flavor. The vegetarian chive pockets came piping hot and tasted just as good as any meaty ‘bing’ out there.

Darya (West L.A.)… Takeout lubia polo with beef koobideh was a tad (OK, a lot) over-seasoned with cinnamon (?). The ash reshteh limped in and was devoid of any soul. The ghormeh sabzi was decent, though. I made the mistake of not ordering tahdig with it. Shaherzad remains king in the West L.A. lubia polo department.

The McDonald’s buttermilk chicken sandwich is surprisingly good. The bun offers up an interesting contrast to the crispy fried chicken. Next time, I gotta try hacking it by slapping a hash brown in that…

The bulgogi pizza from relative newcomer Koreatown Pizza Co. for our office lunch was certainly enjoyable, and I look forward to trying more of Henry and Johnny’s takeout menu soon.

Obligatory undercarriage shot…

I found Ricky! Ricky’s Fish Tacos truck’s location these days is near the 5-Freeway entrance on Riverside Drive (underneath the Hyperion overpass), parked across the street from a van, down by the river (#VivaMattFoley)…

Two Ricky’s fish tacos, and a shrimp taco… Surprisingly their shrimp taco actually took over as the star today, as the fish was sadly oversalted - hopefully Ricky was just having an off day. This just means I have to come back. #MorihiroBangBangPotential

Koreatown Plaza felt deserted as I sauntered into the usually lively (well, lively pre-pandemic at least) food court there. Luckily most of the vendors are open for takeout! My hankering for jjajangmyeon was strong today, and Pao Jao Dumpling House did not disappoint. Loving those chive dumplings as well. Give Koreatown Plaza a visit - The businesses there need help.

Sashimi and general seafood shopping in H Mart for the upcoming weekend #UndecapitatedFish


Anybody know of Chinese restaurants in the Rowland Heights vicinity that are serving outdoors?

Great post.
Omg - that jjajangmyeon🤪
So true about supporting Ktown Plaza.
Walking around with immunity and (relative) impunity must be nice.

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Super lousy picture, but got the premium chirashi at Sushi Nakata in Monrovia. Pretty good quality fish - uni, amaebi, needlefish, giant clam, firefly squid, toro, etc. A decent place for good sushi without having to fight traffic westward.