Food as Theater

We’re sitting around this morning, watching a 4-year-old rerun of Zimmern’s Delicious Destinations, where a tableful of customers at Chicago’s Alinea gets to witness food being used as sort of art media – chef Grant Achatz is vigorously throwing various colorful ingredients down onto a white canvas (the result apparently intended to be eaten by said guests). Achatz then hands out taffy balloons with edible white-grape-flavored string. GF dryly states “Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be part of this civilization.” And that’s why I love her.

I feel like this is supposed to drift into a discussion about The Menu

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place like Alinea where things get ‘conceptual’. I do know that the ‘dinner’ portion of ‘dinner theater’ is often lacking. Sometimes the ‘theater’ portion, too.

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No joke. Carnival Cruise Line stole parts of that dessert for a dessert at their steakhouse on board some of the ships.

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