Food-related podcasts

What food-related podcasts are people listening to?

(I have just started one – am I allowed to post the title? Either way, I want to know what my compatriots are up to!)

I love Doughboys – two comedy writers and a guest review a chain restaurant in every episode. They go on many tangents. Lately they’ve been starting the episodes with a brief history of the chain in question. I love it.

the sporkful
good food

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Yes, of course.

Please share.

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KCRW Good Food

Bon Apetit



OK cool! Mine is called How It Got In Your Mouth. Each episode traces the history of a particular dish – so far we’ve aired cheeseburgers, and cheesecake.

I’m definitely open to feedback!


The Splendid Table
America’s Test Kitchen


America’s Test Kitchen
KCRW Good Food
Go Fork Yourself


Dude. I came here to say Doughboys. It’s so insanely good. They’re a couple of my comedy writer heroes, but the podcast has really taken a life of its own. I consistently laugh out loud and also love the earnest, un-ironic food conversation.

Have you been keeping up with the Tournament of Chompions???

I’m a little behind on the Tournament but I am still into Doughboys! It’s actually an academically interesting podcast for me to listen to, because they’re not in the food writer bubble – their approach is totally different than any other food media I know of. (I mean it frustrates me sometimes, but it’s also thought-provoking.)

But mostly it’s funny! Have you seen Love, on Netflix? Mike Mitchell is basically playing Spoon Man. I love it so much.

Glad to know that other people are enjoying it as much as I am. The nostalgia of food is an interesting theme of the podcast that I’ve heard touched on elsewhere, but maybe not with the same raw authenticity that they dive into. And maybe I just feel that because I had a similar upbringing and these chains were a big part of growing up food-wise. The only thing that’s irked me (and even not really) is that they’ve accepted that Texas has better Mexican food than LA… I just don’t see how that can be true. But get into the Tournament of Chompions, yo! It has reached insane proportions.

In a similar vein, have you read this article about Houston’s? It’s pretty great. Welcome to Hillstone, America's Favorite Restaurant | Bon Appetit

And yes! I haven’t seen all of Love, but Paul Rust (the main guy) is a huge hero of mine. Fun fact: he co-wrote the new Pee-Wee Herman movie on Netflix. Also, if you want more of the Spoon Man, you should check out The Birthday Boys sketch show that was on IFC. Holy shlit it was so good.

Watched Pee-Wee last night! Cackling with laughter the whole time.

I’m listening to the Nicole Byer episode of Doughboys right now and she is DELIGHTFUL. Loving this one, even though I’m mad at them for not knowing what mai tais are. (But that’s the dichotomy I mentioned before.)

That’s a great article. Chain restaurants are a hugely important part of American culture, and I love that Doughboys is tackling it. (I myself want to do an orange chicken episode of my podcast, which of course will just end up being a Panda Express episode.)


I’m really enjoying your podcasts, especially the eggs benny one.

But I digress. I think you absolutely do a podcast on Orange Chicken and its cousin, General Tso’s Chicken, and you should have our very own @chandavkl on as a guest. He of the Search for General Tso’s Chicken documentary fame.

Do it. Just do it. Please. It would be awesome. You might break iTunes.

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Thank you so much!

And funnily enough, that one is very much on the docket. It’s just that the docket is very long at the moment. I promise we’ll get to it!

I’m having so much fun doing the podcast. And next week’s guests are Robin Leach and Wolfgang Puck, which I am over the moon about.


You’re big timing it now. Kudos to you and Erin!

Just don’t forget us little folks at FTC when you guys get your own Sirius XM station.

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Here is the Wolfgang Puck/Robin Leach episode in question, if anyone is interested!


This was a fun podcast.

But I swear, Puck’s accent gets stronger and deeper every time I hear him speak. Now it’s almost like he’s mocking himself. Sort of like if MC Escher were to do a sketch of a caricature caricaturing himself.

Keep up the good work. Very much enjoying you and Erin.


Guys I’m a glutton for punishment. My first food podcast ended, so I started a different one. It’s called Smart Mouth. Looky: ‎Smart Mouth on Apple Podcasts or Stream Smart Mouth | Listen to podcast episodes online for free on SoundCloud.

Each episode is an interview. I started with Marcus Samuelsson, and I’ve got Isa Fabro, Niki Nakayama, Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali all coming up…plus non-food world people who just like to eat. I hope you all like it!


Will definitely check it out. Quite the roster you’ve curated!

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Cooking Issues w/ Dave Arnold
The Eater Upsell
The Four Top
Special Sauce w/ Ed Levine
Burnt Toast

Listed by other posters:
Bon Appetit
The Sporkful


I’m listening to your Cuban sandwich podcast. I’m not all the way through it, but I’m a little taken aback at your apology to your guests that West Coasters are “dumb” when it comes to things like not ordering lettuce and tomato on a Cuban. I’m a native Californian, and I have never seen anyone do this. Ever. To apologize to people for West Coasters some how not “getting” food perpetuates the notion that the East Coast has something up on the West food-wise. They do not. LA has one of the most diverse and best food cultures in the country.

It might be covered later in this podcast (I sure hope it is), but how about focusing on where to get a great Cuban sandwich in LA, or even talk about the differences between a Cuban sandwich, a Media Noche and a Torta Cubana? If these things are covered in the second half of the podcast, then I apologize in advance.

I don’t know why this rubbed me the wrong way, but it did. Maybe it was morning traffic and no coffee. Just my $0.02.