French Fries!

YO!!! I just spent two days soaking, freezing, air drying, double frying, triple frying russets, and Del Tacos fries tasted better. WTF?

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so merge this one if you want. I did this recipe How To Make Perfect French Fries | Chef Jean-Pierre - YouTube

pissed. HELP! I think I will try kenji’s recipe. or this one (ignore the fish)
why is this the BEST FISH & CHIPS recipe on earth? - YouTube

Seriously, I have had more luck when I microwaved the fries first, then cooled them down to room temp, and then frying. I think I will wash them until the water is clean though, that is something I wasn’t doing.


I’ve given up. Home made French fries aren’t worth it. The frozen ones you buy just come out better and not worth all the time and effort. Just my $0.02. I forget the brand name that others have posted but they have it at Smart N Final. Good product but need to buy a lot of volume.


I’ve had good success with the air fryer.


Lamb Weston. Haven’t tried the fries yet but on that recommendation we got the hashbrowns for a camping trip and they worked well.

I can’t say for sure what fries they use at Amboy but 1) we really liked them when we went a few weeks ago and 2) someone was coming in a side door by the entrance with Big C Premium Select fries and they seem to be available at Restaurant Depot and elsewhere.


i remember someone telling me that Alvin said he orders the fries from a company and he gets them made to his standards

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Whatever he does it works! There are obviously a lot of strong fry opinions here but I think Amboy’s are pretty fantastic whenever we’ve had them

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Personally i think it’s less the actual frozen fries and more that his process is tighter than most. I get the impression that he is frying in small quantities to keep them fresh and his oil always seems super clean


Sorry cant help with fries but recently tried the TikTok 15 hr potato pavé and it’s well worth it! Aside from the time, super easy. Made with duck fat topped with crème fraiche and ikura



Your posts always make me hungry…and oftentimes immediately after I’ve just eaten.


looks delish!


I use Kenji’s recipe, Perfect Thin and Crispy French Fries Recipe, and have excellent results.


That is an Oklahoma onion burger in the foreground. My wife recently went to Tulsa on business and couldn’t find an Oklahoma onion burger. Lots of boutique burgers, and fake meat burgers, but no onion burgers. Like Cincinnati chili without noodles, or Texas chili with beans. The homogenization of American cuisine is depressing.
The bun is home baked.


Nice bun.

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How do you make this recipe it looks insane!

It’s a famous TikTok recipe I think it’s called 15 hr potato, lots of iterations on YouTube and IG as well


The Ad Hoc cookbook has an amazing recipe for potato pave, basically tastes like a French fry and au gratin potato. Yours looks crispy AF, did you pan fry on all sides after they cooked?

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Just deep fried the whole thing after pressing it over night under lots of weight

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finally made good fries. not amazing but good. It didn’t take much at all.

I pricked whole potatoes with a fork, then microwaved them until done.
Then I let them cool down, refrigerated them overnight, then sliced them into fries.
Let the oil get super hot, then dumped them all in there and did not touch them for 6 to 7 minutes. They started to brown And then I kind of started taking some of the super brown ones out. After that they were all real brown so I took them out.