Glendale lunch

I’ve got a mid-morning appointment in Glendale. Thinking about staying in the area for lunch. Not looking for anything extraordinary/$$$. It’s been ages since I was last in this neighborhood. Budget about $20 per person, open to any cuisine.

Mini Kabob is on my to do list

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Go to Americana where you will have an embarrassment of riches - Tsujita, DTF, Shake Shack, eggslut, Philz, etc.


kebab way or mini kabob - no frills.


schlep down to atwater village to dune

go north to schreiner’s for a sandwich.

a number of good armenian bakeries.

if you want to try a caucasian soup dumpling (khinkali) i’d say TKF but they relocated and i’m not sure they’ve reopened.


Adana is a place that J. Gold thought was quite good for Middle Eastern fare.

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@Nemroz’s suggestions:

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+1 raffi.

Gus, fried chikin.

Old Gyumri Restaurant - hang out with the godfathers…

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Thanks all for the suggestions. We ended up hitting up Raffi’s…it was an old favorite from my days of working out in that section of the valley. I forgot now nice it was to chill out in their courtyard area and feel outside and inside at the same time. Hummus and eggplant were good, but their platters were…I had forgotten how big their platters are. Beef and chicken were solid and the traditional basmati was so good. There’s no rice like that in my neck of the woods now. Everyone left stuffed and with plenty of leftovers.