Good Restaurants in Vancouver

We will be in the summer several days in Vancouver. Currently going through many posts/discussion boards and trying to figure some good, unique restaurants. We are open to any style but like creative, unique cooking - so what are some not to miss places in Vancouver ?

Hi honkman, I recall you said you’ll be in Tofino, correct?

Tofino is quite a distance from Vancouver proper. I assume you’ll also be dining within city environs as well, right? If so, I do recommend also going to Richmond for some of the best Cantonese food in North America!

I agree. The places with creative cuisine I mentioned were good, but not that different from or better than what we get at home. The dim sum, on the other hand, was the best I’ve had.

Thanks that is very helpful - and yes we will stay sometime in Vancouver and Tofino

@J_L If you have to pick one or two Cantonese places in Richmond which one would you pick ?

Following because we may go to Vancouver in April if they pull the negative test requirements to re-enter the US. We’ve never been and want to go to the cherry blossom festival. I wrote these down restaurants from posts over the past few years.
Chef Tony/Kirin - dim sum
HK BBQ Master
Mackenzie Room
Savio Volpe
St Lawrence

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  • Empire Seafood Restaurant (Richmond) is a solid standby for some really fantastic dim sum, in case Chef Tony falls through.
  • JapaDog at Designer Outlet Vancouver (close to the airport; only 2 SkyTrain stops away from YVR, at Templeton).
  • Shanghai River Restaurant, in case you want a break from Cantonese fare and need excellent Jiangsu/Zhejiang food.

Definitely download the ArriveCAN app on your phone. It’s pretty much mandatory to gain entry into the country as a foreign national.

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Dynasty and Golden Paramount.

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Cannot recommend St. Lawrence in Chinatown in Vancouver highly enough. When we went they were celebrating regions of France and doing a set menu but under normal circumstances I believe they allow for ala carte dining.

It would be our favorite french style restaurant in LA, if it was located here. It’s French/Quebecoise but I am not well versed enough in Quebecoise cuisine to really parse the differences.

And Vijs also amazing not as good as St Lawrence but much better than Badmaash the only higher end Indian fine dining I can think of in LA to compare to.

See my little rundown of food here: October 2021 Rundown - #38 by hungryhungryhippos