‘Great food, but please do something about the noise’ – the battle for

As someone with vestibular hyperacusis, and associated auditory processing issues, noise levels are why I cannot recall the last time I made it through a full meal at a restaurant.

Heck, I won’t even go into Pitfire to grab a pick-up order because it’s so loud (even when not busy).

I know I’m an outlier with this ear crap, but I see other people wince at noise levels, too.


Poor you. That must be awful. To my knowledge I have no medical problems but I definitely can’t hear as well when there’s background noise. Take care.

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NYT article on noise level in restaurants. I was surprised by Pete Wells perspective. There are some restaurants where you have to speak louder to have a conversation with people but I generally don’t mind an active lively dining room. As long as its mostly conversations from other diners vs. really loud music.