Hanjip - any reviews?

thinking about trying it

Here are some early reviews:

awesome - missed that - thanks (still not an expert on navigation of FTC)

“Nice tip!”, said the Moyle. :slight_smile:


that’s 2 circumcision jokes in 2 days man…

Should we cut it there?


where was the other fucking joke ???

is it moyel or mahel or moyle as stated by bulla ???

thanks guys for brightening up my day.


very fucking funny.

Please don’t quit your day job.


No problem, @CiaoBob. I’m sure we all have done that one time or another. If you end up going to Hanjip, do let us know how it is. I have my heart set on the prawns. Cheers!

I BRIStle at your humor.



and that’s no fucking joke.

It was really good but I did not not try the prawns.
The bone marrow corn dish was excellent and the seafood pancake was one of the best versions I have had (it was a very seafood pancake
-forward preparation of the beloved Korean dish).
Meats (pork shoulder and bulgogi) were are par with any of the higher quality joints in Ktown. The banchan were a touch zippier (honestly I am not 100% sure what I mean by this - maybe that the veggies “snapped” more, and the dishes didn’t seem like they had been sitting around as long etc.) than most.

The smoke exhaust system was dreadful - clearly not working properly, because they are brand new and expensive looking. Smoke was billowing through the restaurant like I have not seen since I first tried K BBQ in West 40’s in NYC decades ago or Soot Bull Jeep in its smokey heyday.

Would love to see them add a few more dishes, maybe some noodles?

Really great addition to Culver City I think.

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CiaoBob…What was your Bill for all that? Are they more than Park’s BBQ?

Cheaper than Park’s I would say; service is automatically added to your bill.
There were 3 of us and we paid about 65 each total, with quite few large beers, maybe 5, and one bottle soju.
All felt the value was good.

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Who knows? Maybe they were trying to prepare some smoked, line-caught CiaoBob?

While the smoker’s goin’, don’t forget the BRISkit TIP.

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines.

But please with the love of all that is great in this fucked up world of

Please don’t quit your day job. :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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