Hibi - ktown

up until recently, hibi was a casual japanese restaurant serving spicy tuna, cream cheese and krab with a k sushi rolls.

about a month ago they completely revamped their menu and turned it into an ambitious moden japanese restaurant with korean touches. the new sergio, daniel kim, was formerly the sous chef at the restaurant at meadowood, and has also worked at providence and le cirque.

we tried ooe and besides a few nitpicking things, overall we were impressed. the fine dining background of the chefs were evident in the execution and details.


  • hamachi crudo, I usually don’t respect a crudo, but this one was done very well.
  • lamb chops
  • binchotan grilled madai was cooked perfectly with crispy skin
  • dry-aged striploin
  • tomahawk pork katsu
  • coal roasted sweet potatoes
  • tsukemono
  • miso caramel butter bar


  • wings and maitake were a bit under seasoned
  • all mains come with a side of grilled vegetables, sweet potatoes and pickles, which were all excellent, but we only received one portion of each side with our three mains.
  • service could use some work clearing plates at the proper time.

ht to the @moonboy403 for the find. review forthcoming @boourns?

truffle tuna, sliced bluefin tuna (spain), black truffle vinaigrette

potato salad, laker baker potatoes, corn, pickled cucumbers, pickled carrots, scallions

pea salad, pea tendrils, sugar snap peas, cabbage, fermented carrot ginger dressing, parmesan

hamachi crudo, sliced hamachi, tomato dashi water, herr farms heirloom tomatoes, scallion oil, pickled pearl onions

miso butter eloté, binchotan grilled finley farms corn, japanese miso/mayo, chives, shichimi

maitake mushrooms, binchotan grilled maitake mushrooms, egg dashi purée, fermented mushroom powder

stuffed chicken wings, binchotan grilled chicken wings, house taré, stuffed with garlic ginger rice, perilla leaves

octopus karaage, fried baby octopus, kimchi powder, aonori ranch

gyoza, dry-aged short rib, parmesan lace, farmer’s market greens, house chili soy

bara uni, toasted sourdough bread, fresh ikura, miso butter, aged provolone cheese, chives

abalone, binchotan grilled abalone, roasted konbu oil

lamb, binchotan grilled australian lamb rack, yuzu kosho, perilla seeds, perilla oil

scallops, hokkaido scallops brown butter seared, double shucked english peas, pea tendrils, parmesan foam

dry-aged striploin, binchotan grilled dry-aged prime striploin steak, perilla marinade, beef jus, koji

binchotan grilled madai, yuzu beurre blanc, ikura

tomahawk pork katsu, dry aged iberico pork, makomo, springer yeast, house curry, cabbage, fermented mustard

grilled broccolini

coal roasted sweet potatoes

miso caramel butter bar, black pepper ice cream, injeolmi powder, pecan crumble

3121 W Olympic Blvd #103
Los Angeles, CA 90006


The elote, dry aged short rib dumpling, uni toast, scallop and dessert were also amongst the highlights for me.

Elote had that sweet hint of smokiness from binchotan and complemented superbly well with that top layer of crack like miso butter.

That black pepper ice cream added a lovely savory and fruity kick to a simple but extremely delicious dessert. All that creaminess sat on a perfectly baked “butter bar” that was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Given the strength of the dinner, I’m looking forward to trying the chef’s upcoming tasting menu.


ooooh did they give an impression of when a tasting is rolling out?

Sergio said to keep an eye out on their IG.

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Thank you @PorkyBelly for putting this on my radar.
Love the actual spot itself, so intimate and all the staff was very kind and professional. No doubt this place will blow up very soon.


Wow! Those vegetables look so good!


Grilled madai, lamb, pork curry, dumplings, elote, and dessert were highlights for me. Black pepper really showcased the fruitiness that you can get with black pepper if you temper the spice. Steak was cooked well, but wish it had more dry aged flavor. I’ve been spoiled by Flannery beef which is higher on the funk scale, likely because they don’t age on the bone. Elote was a banger even though it’s probably late in the season for corn and it wasn’t super sweet like the best peak season cobs. No duds!


how was the pork katsu?? $72 for a pork katsu is a lot unless it’s remarkable though I love a good katsu…

is this one of those places where it’s better just to order appetizers and no mains?

I REALLY enjoyed the striploin, all the mains look fantastic.


What were you highlights?

I dined solo so all I had was the kampachi, the striploin, and the lamb chops. They were all great.


it looks good but really pricy and apparently small portions? I will wait but looks interesting

Keep in mind the mains come with rice and sides. The pork is the largest portion > striploin > fish, so it matches the relative food cost by weight. They say the mains are meant for 2 people as well, although I would say that’s only if you get more than one starter per person. Quality and execution are good though.


Born Tokusen Junmai Daiginjo

Crudo - Sliced Hamachi, Tomato Dashi Water, Herr Farms Heirloom Tomatoes, Scallion Oil, Pickled Pearl Onions

I’m not sure those are pearl onions, they seemed like shallots but maybe it’s the pink color influencing me - anyway, my favorite bite of the dish was when I got buttery hamachi & pickled maybe pearl onion in one bite. #teamcrudo

Miso Butter Elote

Miso Butter, Mayo, Shichimi, Chives. Color me so happy! Fresh, sweet, Mendoza Farms Corn, cooked over binchotan coals to a perfect doneness. Spicy! Finished w/a squirt of lime. I wanted another one. :heart:

Binchotan Grilled Stuffed Chicken Wings, Tare, Stuffed w/Garlic Ginger Rice, Perilla Leaves

I agree the wings are a little under seasoned and skin could’ve been a little crispier - maybe they’re going for snappy. Just nit picking - they’re very good and I like the garlic ginger rice cooked in chicken broth & stuffed in the perilla leaf or just in a bowl. :slightly_smiling_face:

Binchotan Grilled, Dry-aged Prime Strip-loin, Perilla Marinade, Beef Jus, Koji

Hubs loves him some steak & sauce and this refined version w/perfectly cooked dry-aged strip-loin hit it. Full of flavor. He kept saying “I really like this sauce.”

Binchotan Grilled Madai, Yuzu Beurre Blanc, Ikura

So glad I didn’t sleep on this. Along with the elote it was my favorite bite. The skin was rendered to a perfectly thin crisp and the yuzu beurre blanc with little bursts of briny roe! So good! :hearts:

Garlic Ginger Rice Cooked in Chicken Broth

Broccolini Grilled over Binchotan

Broccolini was a surprise highlight for both of us. It wasn’t just an eat your vegetables dish. Simply made but flavorful, crunchy, smokey w/a generous sprinkling of good sea salt. At this point I’m starting to think I should splurge on some binchotan coals. :green_heart:

Roasted Satsumaimo (Japanese Sweet Potatoes) + Kimchi Purée

Caramelized crispy outside w/a surprise punch of spicy, briny sauce.

Tsukemono (pickled things) - Jimmy Nardello Peppers, Kyurizuke (pickled cukes) & fukujinzuke

The fukujinzuke even stumped our waiter as to what it is - the internet says it’s typically daikon, eggplant, lotus root and cucumber. Whatever it is is sweet, salty, textured & delicious. Internet also says it’s a great condiment for curry.

No dessert. Next time we’ll eliminate something to make room for dessert but I’m not sure what.

We had an early reservation so they gave us a comfy, cozy, 4-top. They must’ve gotten the clear plates faster memo because they did good. Our young server was really friendly.

I knew when reading the reports & seeing the photos that Hibi was going be my kinda spot. Then I had a nostalgic moment when I realized were it is. Before that shopping center was remodeled there was a small spa there called Hankook which was one of my happy places. It’s now a bar. But we have Hibi!

There was plenty of free parking in the lot when we arrived. Later it’s valet but I don’t think it’s expensive.

Happy Hibi!


hi @TheCookie
wait a minute, what’s in the bag? :face_with_monocle:

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Hi @PorkyBelly

Isn’t that cute? It’s a to-go tote because we tapped out and couldn’t finish everything.

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Whoa! Love the free tote. Better than free bread!


Haha, yes. I love the shape!