Holy Duck - Go off menu and try the Duck Shabu-Shabu at Yakitori-ya

A friend who is a regular at yakitori-ya invited a bunch of us to try Toshi-san’s off-menu, special order duck shabu shabu. It was a super delicious and elegant meal. Please don’t inquire about the price, if interested, just call yakitori-ya. I say this only because I have no idea (and do not want to find out) if we got a special reduced price due to my friends “regular” status or, possibly, an inflated price, because he is a baller :smile:

When we arrived there was a beautiful plate of veg, noodle, tofu, tofu skin/mochi “purses”

Gorgeous crock-ware filled with the shabu broth

Platters of thinly sliced duck (that must be a lot of careful knife workwork!)

The meal ended with an amazing Zōsui (雑炊) of the shabu broth. Great fun super-tasting evening.


Wowowow! i wonder if it’s only available to their regulars and if i have to call in advance for it. Next time i go, ill try and ask. Thanks for the tip.

I would think - my friend reserved, I did not - that you just have to call and ask for it and likely leave a deposit if they don’t know you.
If you have any trouble send me an offline message and I could probably help.

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Toshi-san will be appearing at JKI tomorrow at 730 in conjunction with Now Serving along with Author Bernard Radfar of Chicken Genius. Sounds like it will be a talk and a demo of breaking down a chicken

free with registration through the bookstores website/email


Japanese Knife Imports (I assume)

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yes, correct.