How do you giveback for the Holidays?

I try to give back all year but more so for the holiday season.

I like to give $25 gift cards to the .99cent store only or to local grocery store to the Military families or families you see around town in the store, that you know are decent, hard working people but just need a little extra to help them out.

I’ve found an incredible place to donate to a good cause for special need kids, an they have a ranch, called Capability Ranch in Ramona, CA that uses horse & pet therapy, along with crafts for the kids.
It’s a non-profit, so any little bit helps…

What do you all do on giving during the holidays?
If not, get your butt up and give back…you’ll feel better and its so much better to give than to receive!

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Like you I try to give back throughout the year, but during the holidays I actually find it better to give back less. Or not at all.

Everyone and their brother-in-law once removed is pining to donate or to volunteer or to whatever. The organizations that need assistance or funding are pretty flush this time of the year.

It’s in the dead of winter (say February) or middle of summer (like August) when we should all redouble our focus and efforts in this regard.


Concur Ipse but for Xmas, I like to $$ or gift cards to families that have very little cash to give to the little ones…they have to have a little something to open from :santa:

Nicola, of the Capability Ranch, was on the cover of Parade magazine last year and I was out last weekend and what a wonderful thing she is doing…

Give to some wonderful special needs kids and get a write off for the year since its a 501c3.