How to filter out a poster

Could someone please explain how to “mute” someone I do not want to read?

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It’s at the bottom of your profile preferences.

As far as I can tell, it’s only possible to mute notifications from that person. Posts will still show up.

Maybe they don’t have that feature. It’s kind of hard to figure out Discourse sometimes since there’s no real documentation (at least that I can find).

I’ve never imagined needing this feature, but I’m seeing a large number of posts from the same user on the same topic, none of them remotely interesting to me. Is there a “my boards” type feature that would allow me to avoid the topic altogether?

No. Which user and what topic?

Jason, who posts dozens of links to articles about wine (and does the same thing on Hungry Onion). There’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing; I’d just like to avoid having 9/10 of the “new” threads I look at be more of the same.

If you’re not interested in wine, I think you can hide it in Latest.

Jason might look for an alternative to creating so many wine news link topics that get no replies.

Ah! Brilliant. I can mute the topic. Thanks! And yes, I think maybe Jason should consider posting one “wine media round-up” per day, or something.

Is there a way to ignore a poster altogether so I don’t see his posts? I don’t want to shut out a complete category, just make posts from a certain poster not appear at all when I’m logged in. Is such a thing possible? Thanks

Discourse does not have a bozofilter.