Thank you for being here

but you’re not moving on.


Sure, too much moderation is a bad thing.

But some moderation is always necessary or a site will also fall apart. A culturally insensitive topic was removed recently and appropriately so. People are testing this “no moderation” thing and frankly trying to take advantage of it.

At what point does a person’s poor hygiene affect those around them to a degree that they should be asked to clean up a little?

I don’t think this site is about “no moderation, that’s why we left CH”.

For me the last site fell apart when they started concentrating on revenue generation at the expense of the site itself, implemented by mods/administrators who had no idea what the site was originally about. I was totally fine with the ban for excessive (key is excessive) foul language.


I meant moving on from that post. And if it became widespread I’d like move on from the site but I doubt that will happen.

Is this the new Kevin site? If someone posts on almost every LA topic, how do you skip¿???

And that ain’t no joke.

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Well I didn’t get the luxury to stay around and leave when I wanted to do so so pardon the sensitivity. I’d be happy if nobody told me how and what to write and not write. Seems folks can just filter out whatever and whoever they like too.

Me I like those posts better than these.

F’kers…Kirk out.

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@robert, is there a way to filter out by user? I know some message boards do this where if you mark to filter out posts by a specific user, the posts come up as collapsed and you have to specifically click on the collapsed post to read it. It doesn’t entirely block out a specific user (which is a good thing), but it would be nice for some of us to be able to avoid certain posters who want to be deliberately provocative.

That would be a nice way to satisfy both parties.

Edit. Just read Robert’s response: At the bottom of your user preference.

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Yes, there’s a “mute” option at the bottom of profile preferences.

Constant gratuitous profanity kind of comes off like somebody’s too baked to express themselves clearly.


Hmm, just tried it. Unfortunately, still able to see posts by the user.

This might help, or if not it’s probably the place to post about the problem:

Feature Request: A Civilized Mute for Users - feature - Discourse Meta

but it does enhance the appetite and sensory experience…or so ive heard…

Is that why there’s such a long line at Eggslut?


I do remember seeing the girl scouts selling their cookies outside a green shop in WeHo


I’m not sure whether @kevin is doing it for the shock value, or to establish his own singular voice.

But we all know that @kevin is capable of quite the eloquent prose. He can be a Pavarotti when he chooses to be, but more often than not he takes the guise of Marilyn Manson, for reasons only he knows.

Perhaps he does it for the shock value, but @kevin must understand that Marilyn Manson only has shock value when one attends his concert every year or so. If Marilyn Manson was played on a loop on MTV or Youtube, he becomes nothing more than some weirdo screaming at a microphone. Shock value only has value in doses.

Having known @kevin and read his posts/replies for years on Chowhound, I know for a fact he is quite the culinary savant. It would be a shame if in his attempt at establishing a singular, and uniquely abrasive, voice he were to cast a veil over his undoubted talents.

@kevin is not going to get banned for using profanity (or excessive exclamation marks) – at least not now – but it would be a shame if in his pursuit to establish his own voice he loses his entire audience.


Excellent comments, ipse. I will admit to “muting” him on my profile. And the punctuation :frowning:

I was glad to see Kevin sign up here . I don’t know him . But always liked his writing . kicked off CH . Surfaced , Banned . He keeps a sharp edge on this site . Also a culinary savant as you said .


I’m new here* (and thanks to ipsedixit for the invite!) but I’ve always found kevin amusing. That said, there’s a difference between rules and expressing a preference, and I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with stating a preference for conversing like adults.

*Having posted on chowhound for 15 years, I am loathe to give it up entirely, but I am unable to find anything new to read, so I just follow the monthly threads.


savour, welcome!

my thoughts are the good thing is everybody can write however they like and read whatever they like. im not trying to be kevin’s public defender here – he doesn’t need one – probably one of the most popular posters on the website. I don’t see him in any danger of losing his audience. for me, sometimes food writing can be too snooty – I appreciate the down and dirty approach and writing voice/character of it. I’ve got a lot of good tips over the years from Kevin.


It’s quite easy to hide/mute so you don’t see posts from a particular person.

I agree with this. I’m in SF but get down to LA once a year or so and always found the the LA board a little more free wheeling and entertaining to read - maybe because you are all in the show business. Particularly Kevin’s posts - I like his style and knowledge.

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I’m on the older side and have to admit that I find what he’s doing to be rather juvenile. So far I’m only moderately put off by the obviously gratuitous f-bombing. My concern, though, is with what you said in your quote above. I hope he reads that and considers the possibility.