How Two Master Chefs Are Redefining Omakase by Only Using American Fish - Odo NYC

Fast forward 5:41 minutes into the video… is it a good idea to serve parasite infected fish raw? :grimacing:

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extra protein :smiling_imp:

What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger… what’s the ideal dirty bang bang after a meal there?

Maybe not a good idea to show this from a marketing perspective, but reality is a huge percentage of the fish we eat have parasites. Good chefs are skilled at cleaning up the fish they get and/or we probably ingest/don’t notice. Not all fish parasites are a problem for us, just like accidentally huffing down a fruit fly

I remember watching some documentary years ago about ingesting parasite eggs in fish as a risk. While the parasites/worms may be removed the less visible unhatched eggs also pose a risk. Hence cooking/freezing helps reduce/eliminate this risk.