I'm just amazed

At how quickly this site has achieved critical mass and how quickly all the best posters from the CH L.A. Board have migrated here. Thank you Robert for doing this and thank you Ipse Dixit for inviting me!


And thanks Bobby. There must be four or five of you on the dope fucking site.

And of course Ipse.

I oh you s fucking filet o fish or two or

A drank.

I’ll just take your forever gratitude …

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Tell him he owes you an ice teller.

I’m just amazed, too. Amazed at how quickly the lean mean clean site where we could just talk about food has become cluttered with ads.

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Btw I googled what that is. Where do u get one in la

There are only two ad banners, at the top and bottom of the page. If you don’t like them and don’t want to install AdBlock or the like, please post in the following topic:

I wouldn’t call it cluttered at all. Now that other site, from which we all ran screaming…


I actually disabled AdBlocker Plus for FTC, because I’m willing to put up with it for the sake of the site.

Have to say that they’re really not all that intrusive at all – they’re all text-based, so no flashy-flashy monkeys with hammers or anatomically-impossible jiggling bewbs.


Hi jesstifer,

As others have said just install Ad Block Plus (free, safe add-on for your browser). You won’t see any more ads.

And an FYI, Robert (who started this site with his own money, as an individual), is paying for everything himself. Many of us former Hounds felt it was NOT OK to have 1 fellow refugee just pay for this site and upkeep by themselves. Doesn’t feel fair.

Of course we all said it’s fine if he wanted to run Ads to help offset the cost of this site.



I hear y’all. As I mentioned, I can’t use AdBlock on my mobile device, which is where I most often check in here. And while the ads may be small on a desktop, they take up a significant amount of space on a phone.

I just suspect that $100 a month could easily be met by a $1/mo. subscription service, and we could have an ad free site. But I stand outvoted.

Nevertheless, tally-ho and moving forward.

Well, anybody who’s not on Android can install an inline ad blocker. The only reason Android users can’t is that Google bans such apps from the Play Store (since unlike Apple or Microsoft their primary business is selling ads). So only a minority of users can’t disable the ads, which as a regular Android user I don’t find very bothersome anyway (especially compared with Chowhound’s pop-ups).

Discourse has built-in support for Google ads, so it was just a few minutes’ work to enable those. Setting up some kind of donation feature would be a lot more work.

Unless Discourse added a couple of features:

Chowhound has popups? How extremely obnoxious! I’m so glad I use Adblock Plus.

Chowhound was fine on Android until a couple of makeovers ago when they added some mobile-adaptation code, after which I found it almost unusable.

After that, sometimes I’d get broken popups that just obscured the whole page with no “x” box to make them go away. Sometimes I didn’t even see the ads, just black boxes. One time they had to disable all popups on mobile for a few days while they figured out how to clean up the mess they made.


Actually there is a way to get ad blockers for androids. You can download it from the developers site. I forget exactly how I went about it but one should be able to get instructions via Google. It does require me to update my filter subscription fairly frequently but that is easy and fast.

“Well, anybody who’s not on Android can install an inline ad blocker.”<<

I gave up looking for one for my iPhone 4 a long time ago. Adblock Pkus wouldn’t work on it. Is there something available now?

What are Popups? All I know is I got me a date for tonite!! Thanks FTC!!



A lot of ads these days are based on browser history and cookies. Just sayin’… :wink:

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