In search of: American-style sushi rolls

Lookie here @boogiebaby -

Apparently we already had this conversation. But I have one more question: Who’s on first? :grin:

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My observation from eating nigiri in Japan has been that 70% of the diners use chopsticks and the other 30% by hand.

Dip the neta (fish) surface of the nigiri piece into the soy, and not the rice end.

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:wink: LOL!

Seriously though, I try not to be one of “those” snobs, but I always want to lean over and suggest trying it without all the ginger piled on it and drowning it in the soy/wasabi. A slight dip to enhance maybe, I get, but everyone in the pool? Yah, you’re just eating soy/wasabi flavored rice.

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I know. I hear ya’. I was just thinking the other day about my new found knowledge and how awful I’d feel now when dining with a friend and they commit a sushi transgression :slight_smile:. The terrible feeling won’t be because they’re embarrassing me - unless it’s my kids I only care about my own manners - but because I know they wouldn’t want to get it wrong. But do you say something and make them feel uncomfortable, but hopefully grateful, or say nothing and let them continue to get it wrong?

Edit: I don’t think I’ll budge on the the two bite thing. I haven’t done it, but have decided if an itamae gives me a too large piece of nigiri then they’re the one committing the transgression. You’re there to taste and feel the texture; how is that possible with a huge hunk of fish and rice in your mouth?

I’m just sayin’.

This is basically correct - part of the mark of an expert itamae is proper size and formation of the nigiri - sometimes even adjusted for each individual. It shouldn’t be difficult to eat the whole thing in one go.


i blame north korea and hamsters.


Have I told you lately that I :heart: you?

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These types of situations, food related or not, I try to frame things from my own ignorant perspective and asking in curious non-judgmental way.

Example: How did you come up with that ratio of wasabi and soy? I’ve tried a bunch of different ways to see how I like it, what do you like about that ratio? I’ve found for certain fish, I like it with no soy or very little soy/wasabi. I used to go heavy on everything but now find I only like it for certain things, which is not always traditionally accepted.

That opens up the conversation (if they’re actually curious and want to know) without voicing any opinions on how "wrong’ they are doing it. I admit to not doing something in a traditional way but also drop the hint there is a traditional way.

That approach seems to work for me and i do the same thing at work when interacting with colleagues and I see them doing something that might be sub-optimal. I don’t want to embarrass them by pointing out how bad their process is, but I do open the door to have the discussion. However if someone is truly stubborn and unwilling to be open minded, I just drop it and there’s still no ill feelings.


Hi @Jase -

Very good. If we sit at the bar, maybe I’ll verbalize what I now do; let the itamae tell me what to sauce or not to sauce.

Now, if you don’t mind? :slight_smile: What would you say about the chopstick rubbing? Because I will feel like screeching “Stop it!!!” But of course I won’t.


Probably similar approach “why do you rub them together?” Then redirect as appropriate. “oh I see, hey i heard that some chefs think it’s an insult to them, I wonder how true that is? It’s supposed to imply they gave you low quality utensils. What do you think?” and so on, but you get the gist.

Of course all bets are off if the place does give you crappy chopsticks :laughing:

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I would say, “Stop, please.” (In a bored voice.)

Because, really. No one likes the sound of that, and honestly… when was the last time you ended up with a splinter in your tongue from chopsticks?

(from The Japan Times)

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Well @TheCookie asked me for a nice alternative. I’ve been slowly trained over the years to not go full on snark immediately. :wink:


Damn gaijin.

Hi @PorkyBelly & Folks -

I’ve been tasked with finding a Hollywood area Sushi place for visiting Ohioans… by 1pm!!! They’re going to want something more Hollywood flash, than under the radar Shunji. I don’t have time to look thru all these posts. Any suggestions?

Tired & Desperate

If you’re looking for flash I would suggest Sushi of Gari.

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Perfect! Thanks!

this is going into the best of yelp thread too:


Unless by flash you mean rainbow-dynamite-cotton-candy-california rolls?

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I’ve been having an itch to cheat on my usually conservative Sushi School spots and have some fun, untraditional rolls. So gracias!