Jar - Still Around and Still Worth it

Sure, it’s been around a while but I think it’s worth reminding FTCers that the place still exists and still puts out solid food. We’d set our sights on Chi Spacca but couldn’t get a reservation at a time that worked for everyone involved.

Jar was the fallback. Love the room - classy and low key. Solid steaks if not at the level of Wolfgang’s et al. Had the bone-in New York and perhaps the best onion rings in recent memory. Drinks - a couple of Moscow mules and two glasses of Preston of Dry Creek Zin. Service was efficient and friendly. The place was maybe half-full at 8 pm.

Hadn’t been in a couple of years and perhaps won’t be back for a few but it’s good to know they’re out there as a meat-centric option.


tried going a couple of years ago and it was packed. even for a seat at the bar, there was a wait. i wonder if their cream corn is still as good as i remember…

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Always solid, great service and a wonderful restaurant. Thanks for the reminder!

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I wish Jar still had the Apple Bread Pudding dessert (with housemade vanilla ice cream).

I have been a big fan since Jar opened but, sadly, rarely get there anymore since I started working in OC a few years ago. On Sunday evenings, they have a fried chicken dinner and, for the Summer, on Tuesdays offer a 3 course lobster dinner for $55 that changes every week,

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I love Jar. I used to eat there a lot with my family. Later, my friend was a bartender there, and sometimes the chefs would bring me little things to try when I stopped by for a drink. I need to revisit that place.

Carlito’s Gardel is another one that should be mentioned along these lines.

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Sadly, we were so stuffed we had no room left for dessert.

Good info.

Good to see Ipswich clams on the menu. I had fried clams there years ago before they were trendy in L.A. They might not have sold well at the time, because they were dropped from the menu. I remember people were crazy for the braised meats. We’ll have to stop by again. Thanks.

really??!! fried? or?

Fried :yum:!

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I know the owner, Suzanne Tracht. She’s a very nice person. If you asked, she might reinstate the Apple Bread Pudding. Personally I really like their ice cream sundae and their banana cream pie.

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Thread revival!

Putting together a group dinner for early Saturday eve. A few won’t want to pay the $10 valet. Beverly Blvd is usually better than most for street parking. Does anyone recall the parking situation?