JeetKuneBao's NYC (and nearby) eats

I want a rounder.

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Stretch added to my ever growing list of NYC pizza places to try.

Also Mama’s Too second location in the Village at 323-325 Christopher St. Grand opening on 3/9.
Lucia’s now has a Soho location.

Mama’s Too, L’industrie, John’s of Bleecker, Joes on Carmine, Bleecker Street, Denino’s (Staten Island tavern style), Village Square (I think its former Prince St cook), Village Pizza

Nearby has Upside, Rubirosa/ Joes and Pats, Nolita, Chrissy’s, St Marks Pizzeria (formerly known as Funzi’s), Scarr’s, Una Pizza Napoletana.

I am sure I am missing some!

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Damn that was quick. The slice I got there last year was good but a little sloppy.

When is Chrissy’s supposed to open? Wonder if it will live up to the hype.

Don Antonio Midtown West for Neopolitan.



Have you had the focaccia at Superiority Burger? Pizza adjacent and on my list…

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I want to try it!

The new spot across from Tompkins opened up around when I left the east coast. I am not opposed to a vegetarian diner and the space looks great. You can go to Rays Candy Store afterwards and get a egg cream

Are you going back to visit soon?

Do you like Sal and Carmines? I have Sal and Carmine’s on my pizza to-do list. I figure I hear it from a UWS’er. From what I read it’s the best place for a regular slice in the UWS.


I have to try it! I usually stay a little closer to Zabar’s and am lazy. Will probably try L’Industrie in the Village, maybe Upside idk.

I’m on the hunt for a good bialy. Kossar’s was pretty mediocre when I went last trip. I should probably try Greengrass. Mark’s off Madison is on my radar. And Bo’s Bagels in Harlem.

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Meant to post this after my most recent trip @JeetKuneBao.

First is Sal and Carmine’s. Pretty average slice, sauce very sweet, not a lot of browning, wouldn’t go out of my way.

Next Mama’s Too UWS. Upside down and Vodka. Probably better than the last few times I’ve had. Slice is a little less thick, and the dough has a nice interplay of crunch and soft (that I find missing at QSPC in LA for example). Not to mention it’s heavily topped, as a square slice should be.

Of note: Mama’s and L’Industrie are now open a block from each other in the Village. Lines are crazy. I went twice, and each time each line was like 40 deep. I did not wait.

And finally Upside. This was a little better than average (which I’d describe as Made In New York if you’re familiar) but not quite a destination. Also the reheat was rushed, which is unfortunately something I’ve notice at a lot of slice shops recently, Lucia of Avenue X in Soho for example.

Otherwise had some solid meals at Laser Wolf and Dhamaka. Laser is almost a KBBQ place masquerading as an Israeli restaurant. Dhamaka has some wild shit on the menu (goat testicles) but manages to be both comforting and challenging. Is there anything like it in LA?


Thanks for the review and rundown.

Salatim is like the banchan. How did you like the pita and the protein?

That’s crazy about the lines. Agree with Upside it’s fine for a neighborhood spot. I wouldn’t send a tourist there.

Dhamaka does have some interesting dishes. I don’t think there is anything like it in LA.

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The pita is very good, fluffy/bready in the Israeli style. The kebabs were all strong, though not mind blowing. Chicken shishlik was the sleeper hit. The fries are also very good. It really is a fun meal and a lot of food for the price, roughly $80pp. Side of schug was a must though.

Without hijacking this thread with unnecessary political discussion, feel I should acknowledge as an American Jew that it was a topic of discussion among our group the political meaning (if any) of eating at this restaurant at this time.

Dhamaka was really great. Would love to try Semma and Masalawala and Sons.


Very glad you’re thoughtfully interrogating those feelings. Research Friends of United Hatzalah and their relationship with the IDF, and Solomonov’s work as a ‘culinary ambassador.’

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Go to Ayat and balance things out.

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I actually went to Al Badawi on this trip as well.

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Okay, you’re good.

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I don’t know if it’s the correct term now but the LA style bagel ala Courage and Layla has now started at Apollo Bagels. One of the owners is 7th Street Burgers with you guessed it smash burgers.

I am curious how this will be received in NYC.