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Utopia Bagels midtown.

Chewy, soft with a nice crunchy exterior. Everything bagel including salt toppings on both sides with whitefish salad. Got cream cheese on the side. Should have reversed this and got whitefish salad on the side. They have nova but I love whitefish salad. It was worth the 0.7 mile walk in this heat and humidity. A great real NY bagel hits different.


There are two pizzerias 7 blocks from each other on Main St in Port Washington that are better than anything we have in LA/OC.




Have you been to Amore Pizza and Lucia’s Pizza both in Flushing?

Been to Amore once. It was good but very long time ago. Been to Lucia many times. It’s right where the 7 train and all the Q buses depot. Lucia was also next to the Flushing OTB before they unfortunately closed their doors. Nothing better than a slice and a mid week exacta at Aqueduct.

Went for drinks and dessert at Ci Siamo. The whole new development in this area is remarkable. Like a mini high line with restaurants, Whole Foods, Peloton studio and high end apartments. I did not care for Co Siamo. It’s way too smoky in the restaurant like a bbq restaurant. The desserts were very mid. I’ve heard the food is good though.

Aren’t budinos supposed to be served in glass jars? The budino was slathered on top of a very dense cake type thing. No thanks.

Burnt cheesecake. Cut in an odd shape and there was none of the gooey soft center which is the hallmark of a good burnt cheesecake. Or is this only with Basque cheesecakes? Tasted good but there was an odd granola type of garnish I didn’t care for.


No. “Budino” just means pudding. It can be served any way. In restaurants in Italy it’s often in ramekins.

It is, however, quite weird to order budino and get cake.

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Not in my world. I often order multiple desserts per meal, so I can have my pudding and eat that cake too. (Giving the pastry chef many chances to flex lol…)



Nothing weird about ordering both budino and cake. It’s just weird that the budino would be served on top of a piece of cake if the menu didn’t say that.

One time at Oliveto in Oakland during the Paul Bertolli era I ordered what the menu called “semifreddo” and got a slice of American-style layer cake served at refrigerator temperature.

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Lol! I guess I like to eat cookies ‘semifreddo’) full cooked but semi frozen out of the freezer :joy::joy:

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