JThur01 Uncovers Real Sichuan Food in SFV

I’ve been to the branch in Agoura Hills. Sichuan side of the menu is good. Americanized side is awful. Numerically, though, there is much more authentic Chinese in the Conejo Valley than the SFV.

Chinese menu…


Thanks chandavkl. I still think it’s interesting that there is more legitimate Chinese in the Conejo Valley than the whole SFV. Northridge, though, is doing pretty good. Actually, outside of Northridge, there’s very little "real’ Chinese to speak of in the valley.

I think existence of Conejo Valley authentic Chinese food starts with Amgen and its large Chinese-American workforce. Northridge draws from a heavy Chinese foreign student population at CSUN.

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Ooo, beer braised duck on the whiteboard! 啤酒鴨

Can you translate the items on the right?

i don’t remember seeing that specials board, was that at the northridge location?

Shorthand Chinese I’m not good at.

First one I think is stewed/braised pork stomach (I don’t know the last character), then beneath it is ginger scallion version. Then special “kou rou” (pork belly), spicy “husband wife lung slices” (usually tendon and flank), beer duck, and some Wor Ba dish.


O.G Agoura Hills location

“spicy oil pork” is actually pork stomach (cut into shreds) and ear

Hot Wok in Northridge is good. In the Vons shopping center at reseda and parthenia.