June 2022 Rundown

smoke queen bbq

loved it all, especially with that chicken rice. thanks @A5KOBE

14 hour smoked brisket
pork belly char siu
pork belly siu yuk
malaysian laksa sausage

gochujang burnt ends


5J jamon iberico de bellota snuck in from Spain


Did a 626 run from the Westside to SGV on Sunday. Got there around 3p and headed home at 6p.

1st stop: Kwan Lac Bakery in Monterey Park

8 steamed pork char siu bao for $12.80. (Will post more deets in Dim Sum in LA thread later). Most went into the freezer.

2nd stop: Hong Kong Dim Sum House in San Gabriel

6 baked pork bao; 6 siu mai; 6 bean curd wrap - TTL $33. They already ran out of things like har gao, hence my oddball order. (Will post more deets in Dim Sum in LA or WSGV Updates thread later).

3rd stop: Phu’s bakery in Rosemead (called in po tart order over the phone)

7 Portuguese egg tarts; 1 steamed char siu bao
TTL $12.30. (Will post thoughts in Phu’s Bakery thread later).

4th stop: Medan Kitchen in Rosemead (called in Nasi Bungkus order over the phone)

Nasi bungkus rice dish; kering tempeh keri kacang (spicy tempeh w/peanuts and anchovies); house sambal; small Bango soy sauce TTL $41.75 (Will post thoughts in sgee’s MK thread later).

“Carmakase” break in car with some HK dim sum house goodies and Phu’s bakery po’ tart for dessert.

5th stop: 99 Ranch - San Gabriel

I’ve tried quite a few branches in Gardena, Monterey Park, Van Nuys and Alhambra, and imho the San Gabriel one is the best for its size and selection.

Lots of driving, but it was worth it to get valuable provisions for my fridge, pantry and freezer :yum:


Damnnn that is an epic sgv run


Coni’Seafood - Imperial Hwy, Inglewood

Went to 106 Seafood Underground to put a deposit on the meetup and get a preview of coming attractions. But! The wait for a table was at least an hour, yep, so we headed to CS to get the itch scratched.

Michelada w/Modelo Beer

It looked like it was going to be watery with not a lot of flavor but it was pretty darn good.

Tostaditos w/Smoked Marlin Pate and Shrimp, Octopus, Sea Snail, Jicama Ceviche

Tasty Bites.

Shrimp Tacos (3) w/Cabbage, Tomatoes, Onions, Mango, Creamy Sauce, Drizzle of Salsa Macha(?)

Batter is light, shrimp is really well seasoned & fried. There’s a little smokey something and the spicy drizzle reminds me of chili crisp. Basically, I :hearts: this taco.

Pescado Zarandeado - Snook! w/Caramelized Onions, Red Onion, Cucumber & Warm Tortillas

Isn’t that pretty? I’m looking forward to trying Sergio’s Snook again, but off the top of my tastebuds I’d say Coni’s is a little more soy sauce forward. The fish didn’t taste like the catch of the day, but still delicious, crispy & juicy. Scratched the itch. :slightly_smiling_face:



We were at a really fun food and drink festival this weekend in Todos Santos/Pescardro
The Todos Santos & Pescadero Culinary Experiences

Many events over the weekend, with local Baja and International chefs (including Ken from Kiriko, to our surprise).

Giant PZ on the grill!


Frying fresh soft-shells for tacos!

Mmmmmm…lunch on the beach

Great event!


Looks like my dream weekend.


Posting here for visibilty, this seems like an interview a lot will enjoy


Jiro Ramen (limited time, until June 30th), from Ikkousha Ramen (Torrance)…

Huge Bite! True to the Jiro Ramen style I love in Japan, the noodle was hard and had great bite. The broth was sublime: Lotsa garlic and the chashu was tender. Best bowl of LA ramen I’ve had in a long time…

Even the chahan (fried rice) was a Huge Bite! Flavorful as hell. Tons of wok hei galore.


Damnnnnn I’m gonna :man_running: over there soon!

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Open til 11PM tonight. In our inflationary world, this bite of heaven is still relatively affordable.

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Did you see Sergio there? :poop:

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Ah yes, I saw the real, the man, the one and only Sergio at Sergio’s 106 Seafood Underground. Forgive me but idk who the Sergio is at Coni’Seafood now. :relaxed:


The Sergio at Coni would be Coni herself so Conergio?


Where else can you get a $6 lunch*? Me Gusta tamales.

The masa is so light and flavorful. These bad boys are pretty damn big, too. Got one green pork and one cheese/chile. The green salsa, not pictured, is perfect dumped on them.

Sorry about the photos, and also no sharp utensils to make good cross-section photos.

*$45 w gasoline expense

1/2 Bang with Randy’s donuts, because I went in, but did not buy anything. This is their new Burbank location near the airport on Hollywood way.


That maple with churros is calling me

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Yes that was the one thing that I really had to fight the urge to get.

A little Saigon stop on the way home. Vans for some banh xeo and bun Bo hue breakfast. Packed with aunties eating breakfast and buying a lot of their to go snacks that I have no idea about.

Also their caphe sua da is surprisingly good.

Sad that phat ky mi gia closed that places was awesome.


wow, that banh xeo from Van’s doesn’t look at all like what i remember in visits past… they are one of few places that sell lunar new year sticky rice cakes, banh tet and banh chung year round.


Was my version better or worsen than yours?