Kenji, Wursthall, and Politics


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I saw his tweet this week.
I’m not going to get into a discussion on whether or not he has the legal right to do this. I’m not even going to get into whether or not I agree with him.
I do, however, wonder about the nut jobs or kooks who get wind of this and may try to harm him, his family, his business, his staff, or anyone near their hemisphere.


Do they even have those people in SF? Seems a non-issue.

Look at their Yelp reviews. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Somebody who supports Trump by wearing such a hat also supports his racist rethoric and politics. If somebody would go in a restaurant wearing a KKK hood very few would disagree that it is OK to refuse service to such person - MAGA hats are the KKK hoods of our time


If I were Kenji, I would open up two restaurants. One would only serve the MAGA crowd and the other one serves everybody else. Both sides will then have a feel-good factor to eat at the restaurant. :joy: #profitcity

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No kidding. That’s nuts. This is what I was worried about…and it’s just the beginning.

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Good for him. I want to make a trip there just to support him. Takes guts.

aaaand it’s gone


Thanks. I had shared the OP on FB and I have a friend who lives in San Mateo and who goes there. She had commented that she would go MORE for that reason. I just sent her an update.

Yup. Caved!

I only read a few of the yelp comments but there was enough anger there that I’m guessing staff was being threatened. I wouldn’t use the term “caved.” My friend in SM had this to say: " I read his response and intend to go in more often and tell them this is why I am there. PEOPLE S ‘
responses are crazy !!

:roll_eyes: Twitter!

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I have yet to see one of those hats in the Bay Area.

Don’t be tempted to go due to the unwarranted publicity.

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