Kiln - San Francisco

a lot of beautiful, well executed courses but taste-wise, nothing particularly memorable, except for the excellent portuguese blue lobster. everything was a bit too new-nordic for me.

having said that, they will absolutely get 1 star.

potato - andante dairy ‘minuet’ | malt vinegar | alba white truffle

beef tendon - roasted onion | sweet potato

shima aji - musquee de provence | shinko pear | roasted kelp

croustade of sacramento smoked sturgeon - white verjus | kombu

surf clam - preserved celeriac | almond | turnip

cornette of smoked kabocha squash - bone marrow | sherry | maple

imperial kaluga caviar - onion vinegar | chicken fat

dungeness crab - dill | ossetra caviar | horseradish

portuguese blue lobster - tomato miso | roasted yeast | pilsner

slow-poached jidori egg yolk - pickled allium | broth of smoked mushroom

fermented potato bread - beef drippings | caraway

partridge - pine mushroom | elderberry | woodruff

wild norwegian mackerel - dried shellfish | hazelnut | iberico ham

californian iberico pork cured in juniper | grass-fed retired dairy cow

modesto squab - maple | coriander seed | burgundy black truffle

broth of smoked pork trotters | koji oil

chestnut ice cream - cocoa nib sunchoke

andante ‘tomme dulce’ - meadowsweet pastry | gravenstein apple

hazelnut | white chocolate | elderflower
salted butter toffee | quince pate de fruit
70% chocolate | spruce


It does look beautiful.

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going up to SF in a few weeks for harbor house and wanted to do one more splurge meal.

Was between Kiln, Birdsong, Saison, and Californios. Have done californios twice already but birdsong and saison seemed to similar to Harbor. Kiln…I’m more interested in things tasting good than the presentation but any opinions FTC-ers?

would definitely go to birdsong or saison over kiln. their uni puff and uni toast alone are worth it. i would also consider commis.




I liked the sound of birdsong cause I like tiny one biters and they seem to do a few

Kiln and Saison use Astrea so i am biased. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I did just have an incredible meal at Saison, i think the similarities between saison and HH are getting wider as time goes on and each of them are finding their own identities outside of what they cooked with Skeenes.

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Birdsong but would also recommend Lazy Bear