Koreatown - 2019 to

Also, one more thing about Origin is that it’s on Resy. And given that Ahgassi, Quarters and (soon to reopen) Baekjeong don’t take reservations and usually have long lines, that’s worth noting.

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There’s rice cake chopped up in that patty?

No, tteokgalbi is a beef patty made out of short rib. I believe the tteok part refers to the shape of the meat that’s formed, resembling a version of a Korean rice cake.


Ah ok thanks for the clarification!

I second the recommendation for Origin. Not sure if it’s the “best” in K-Town but they give you a lot of bang for your buck, although we found ourselves bigger fans of the beef dishes. The beef belly ramen served at the end was also great. Servers were all gracious and prompt. The fact that they accept reservations means that we’ll keep this in our regular rotation.