Koreatown - 2019 to

Any sign of rebuilding?

Yeah, I’ve also heard Koreans prefer Star Night over Dan Sung Sa for those reasons lately.

Last time I went to Star Night, they didn’t have the marinade for the wings, but solid nonetheless.

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What’re some good kbbq spots nowadays in ktown?

We used to go to parks, moo dae po, aghassi gopchong and bakejong

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King Chang is a good time. Nothing really stood out . Seafood pancake was pretty great with high crisp level but not the seafood extravaganza that is kobawoo

Anyone been to Borit Gogae? That’s on my to do list as well as Lee Ga.


Borit Gogae is quite an experience, a very traditional meal that’s very satisfying in a wholistic way with good value. It’s real grandma dining with the funny K-Drama vibes to match (soft piano tunes, little hanboks on wine bottles, etc).


Went to Borit Gogae almost two weeks after I returned from Seoul in Sept. I was certainly reminded of some of the local spots that my girlfriend and I found by circumstance and accident – replete with soft piano tunes and plenty of plants. It’s a ton of food even for the minimum two-person order and very good.

Me too! I want that naengmyeon.


Thanks for the feedback guys looks like I gotta go!


Olympic Noodle.


I miss that place a lot. Best kimchi tub

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@Nemroz They took away the tub! Guessing it’s a post-Covid move. I love the ability to make a very tasty dipping sauce for the dumplings.

Was glad to see Soban packed with customers.

Have you tried Mapo Chicken? They do a whole plate of chicken, perilla leaves, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and gochujang. It’s wonderful. Than afterwards they do a fried rice. I feel like the places on Olympic might get overlooked because it’s not in young and hip area.


No! Good tip thanks. I did a related thing today

Bubbles pending


Dope making your own kimchi!

New KBBQ spot looks and sounds legit


What are these? I don’t find anything described in the article that really matches.

pork belly

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This place is definitely going to do well. The pork belly combo is the way to go, brisket is solid and smoky. I thought the tteokgalbi beef patty wasn’t as good as the ones at Chadolpoong down the street. But the ssam options here are really nice and it’s a fun time. Probably limited to the opening run, but they had scratch offs where you could win free prizes like a free soju.


Wow thanks for the trip report already!

Never had the tteokgalbi at KBBQ. Is Chadolpoong the spot to get it at? I did have it at Spoon By H and really liked it.


Glad you made it I was almost going to go on friday

That’s a good point, I think the novelty of it is worth trying, it’s just that the thin pork belly is going to be the thing you want most of.

Big fan of the Chadolpoong tteokgalbi, as well as most of their menu in general. Soowon Galbi had a ridiculously big sized one which I thought was insane value, but I think they very recently took it off their menu.