KPCC: Look out, Panda Express. Here comes Ming Tsai


Thanks for posting this. Had to leave just as this story began on KPCC this AM. No brown sauce? It’s about time. :clap:

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And who remembers the Yan Can chain?

I went to the one in Pleasant Hill when it first opened during a drive from Oakland to Concord.

All of us really enjoyed the fortune cookies. And the bathrooms.

He also once had a sit down in Foster City, but when I drove up it was out of business. Then one of the Yan Can locations opened up in Oxnard, so I went by there the first chance I got, but it had already closed. Eventually I made it to the Yan Can location in Santa Clara. Had the chicken dumplings. Quite possibly the worst I’ve ever eaten.

Should’ve stuck to the fortune cookies.