LA Chouquette (Bakery)

Anyone been? Located on Melrose - looks pretty


Looks great. How did you come across it? It’s a little difficult for me to venture out to Melrose stretch in the morning.

Wow looks amazing

Looks interesting I’ll check it out and report back.

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@hungryhungryhippos :ok_hand:

@moonboy403 Came across it while browsing the 'gram today.

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I’m honestly surprised no one has written them up yet here. I just assumed that they were buried somewhere in the massive croissant thread.

This place is wonderful and has possibly my favorite croissant in the city. They don’t open till 9, and if you get there right around then, they will just be pulling the croissants out of the oven. They are crispy, on the outside and light and buttery inside.
The baguette is tasty, with a nice chew but smaller and more expensive than the one at Fiona so I usually skip it these days. The other pastries are good, but nothing wows me like that fresh, warm 9 AM croissant


How much are the baguettes?

Went to chouquette today, mixed experience.

The crossaints outside was golden brown and shatteringly crispy. However the inside while airy did not have the light most springy chew of a Chaumont crossaint. It seemed a bit doughy and it didn’t have the amazing buttery flavor either unfortunately. I bought mine at 1230 so it might have been sitting out for awhile.

I also got the sandwich, ham and cheese with cornichons and arugula. It was very small and the lady said that the meat and cheese were imported. It tasted like a plain ham and cheese and the baugette was not good. Very dense and kinda oddly stale. The only good part was that the chew of the bread was ok. Cost twelve dollars for a measly baugette sandwich that was about 1.5 inches wide by 8. Save your money and go to gwen or uncle Paulies theirs sandwiches are in the same price range, taste better, and also larger.

I would definitely like to try the crossaints in a more fresh state to compare and their dessserts look wonderful, but overall I was not super impressed.


oh man, that looks like a pale imitation of Proof’s amazing ham/cornichon stecca.


Wow that looks so much better. I was so annoyed about the sandwich I drowned my sorrows in a cup of Wendy’s chili!


@hungryhungryhippos :worried: so sorry for the bad rec. Thanks for taking one for the team.

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In that area, Michelina is a solid option for croissants and French comestibles.


Thanks for taking one. I will now unfollow them on IG.

I’ll them out next

I would encourage you to go if you’re in the area. I didn’t take a picture of the dessert case but I definitely would be willing to stop in to try a pastisserie

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I’ve had good bread from Michelina. Although the crust can get really hard when it sits there a while. The last loaf I got (a while back), I could barely cut through the crust with a bread knife and finally just ate the inside (which was delicious). I’ve tried their sandwiches, and I remember them being a good option at Farmers Market.

I can’t remember, because I haven’t bought it in a while, but I want to say it was like $4.75 for a baguette that is 30-50% smaller than Fiona’s

Technically it wasn’t really a rec. You were just asking if anyone’s been. :wink:


Couldn’t find a better picture of the sandwich, but my favorite is the Ficelle down the street at Joan’s on Third.



I also don’t think one person’s bad experience doesn’t invalidate the op’s good experience