La times best restaurant rankings prediction?

what are your predictions for #1 and any new entries or spots falling further down the list?

I feel sorry for Addison having to deal with that ranking bullshit on top of the insane amount of work the project requires.

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I predict there will not be two sushi places in the top 10 or two pizzerias in the top 20.

How about Hayato plus a sushi place in the top 10?

I’ll go with Yangban.

Quarter Sheets will be the highest ranked pizza spot.


yessssss in the top 10


Pizzeria Sei will be top 30

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i’m updating my prediction, yessssss in the top 1.

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Yess seems like the kind of place that Addison favors heavily.

Has Pizzeria Sei changed / improved in any major way? If not, why would it gain on Bianco or Quarter Sheets? My bet is, like last year, no pizzeria in the top 10.

You mean the kind that serves some forgettable and some barely edible dishes?


Damn Max S. why so harsh? LOL just kidding

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bold prediction: Needle will be on the top 100 list; PRD won’t

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its not really bold, its probably true

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There can only be one Canto restaurant west of SGV run by an ABC.


Two chefs enter, one chef leaves…
two men enter one man leave




Have you been? Cause I don’t get the hype… someone explain yessss

me neither