LA Times food section tribute to Jonathan Gold

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Arrgh. The text is too small and if I zoom in it’s blurry.


page down and enjoy the rijsttafel of gold-isms.

they’re all classic, but the one about great grandma’s instagram feed actually made me wince and LOL. and "a husky gerard depardieu of an onion soup’… can you imagine the nose of that soup?

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My favorite Goldism:

Do we applaud fair-trade, sustainable farmed, shade-grown joe? Sure. Why not? But when we sit down to a cup of coffee in the morning, we are not particularly interested in the blueberry, caramel, or tomato soup nuances a dedicated roaster can coax out of a bean, nor in the intricate ballet of the four-minute pour-over or the Eva Solo flagon. We want coffee that tastes like coffee, and we want it now.


Oddity on the web site today: a 2013 Gold review of a restaurant that closed five years ago is at the top of the “Most Read” list.