Man suing McD's over cheese allergy

It’s not clear from the article if there was cheese on the burger or if there was no cheese on the burger but small amounts of cheese might be on his burger as part of cross contamination. If it is the first than it is a fault of McD but if it is the second I am not sure if you can expect restaurants to work this cleanly to avoid any cross contamination - if you have such a severe allergy on a rather common ingredient perhaps restaurants and especially delivery services aren’t the best idea


Agree about the possibility of cross contamination and that it may not be reasonable to expect workers to avoid this (esp in a fast-food establishment).

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Yes, it is. In the very first sentence. “A man with a life-threatening milk allergy has sued McDonald’s alleging that a slice of American cheese on his Big Mac caused him to have a severe allergic reaction.” He ordered it without cheese; it came with cheese.

I’m sorry but if you are allergic to cheese it’s on you to check your food and make sure there’s no cheese on it. Take some personal responsibility instead of trying to blame someone else.

Americans sue way too damn much.


Or at least have an Epipen on hand?

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Agreed. You can’t put THAT level of responsibility on a fast food restaurant and its employees. Putting that burden of food = death if you mess up my order on a minimum wage employee is unreasonable. They serve food.There are 3 or 4 people passing the food. They get orders wrong all the time. If it’s a life and death situation, you don’t eat at a place that serves dairy.