March 2023 Rundown

In like a lion, out like a lamb…


Hah! Match comes in like a lion was a favorite anime

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A quite decent Hainan chicken rice for lunch at Heng Heng Chicken Rice (Thai Town)…

I’m not sure if this store is related at all to the famous Singaporean hawker stall Heng Heng at Maxwell Centre. But whatever, it was pretty tasty. The soup was nice (with pieces of turnip), but the rice could have been a bit more complex. (I got bonus fried chicken and garlic noodles because I didn’t feel so purist today lol.)


Just had the Hong Kong Milk Tea from Daybird. First time. Damn that’s a tasty HK Milk Tea. Really full bodied and rich. Kinda miss Boba Guy’s prepackaged ones, they stopped doing it =(


Lunasia a couple of dim sum dishes and pea sprouts with fried tofu which is a group favorite for my family.


boba guys are not kind to their employees (see: SF store closure drama). better shops to get drinks out there.

Was wondering what the fried section of that plate was!
Like all of us, lipitor needs something to do.


March 1st :birthday::champagne::tada: Shunji San :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

*11th anniversary Tshirts are in the making.


karasumi mochi?


@PorkyBelly yes, sir :ok_woman: One of the highlights! Such a beautiful lacquer grill!

Too many wonderful otsumami and little changes, from last week to this week. I’ll post some photos up on Shunji’s thread this weekend!!


bay area person visits los angeles.

day 1 lunch: crunch munch at daybird.

a good chicken sandwich but is it a good sichuan sando? I think not

day 1 pre-dinner: bumsan ice cream

day 1 dinner: Here’s Looking at You. recommended by an industry friend as a must visit.

it did not disappoint. probably the most exciting menu I have had in a long long time. pictured: frog legs.

day 2 lunch: gjelina

I had wanted to try their restaurant for a while now as I have been doing quite a few of the recipes from their cookbook. didn’t get to photograph the dish I liked the most, the carrots, so here’s a pic of the duck confit.

day 2 dinner: hayato

day 3 lunch: needle

day 3 dinner: shibumi
bamboo tempura

yep I got the sakura mochi. it was good but not life changing. the bean paste was exceptionally good though.

I talked knives with david a bit. here’s his kiritsuke tip- yanagi-ba.

also nerded out and showed me his natural stone for sharpening.


Soft opening of Meez Persian Cuisine in Calabasas… My goodness, this is one of the juiciest, tastiest beef soltani (barg +koobideh combo) I’ve ever had in SoCal! Lubia polo and ghormeh sabzi with tahdig were all fantastic as well. I hope they keep the quality this high as they move towards Grand Opening. Definitely worth the trek from Westwood. #InBeforeEaterLA


What is that top left plate?

Ghormeh sabzi with tahdig. Sorry the photo is a bit dark


Oliboli Doughnuts (Tustin) -
Seasonal flavors now are pear-influenced. The yeast one with elderflower and pear glaze with praline crumbles is delish!

Fukuda (Irvine) -
Currently take-out only, but you can eat it in the restaurant due to staffing issues.
Self serve hot tea and water are complimentary.
It’s still a great place for a reasonable lunch or dinner.

I’d probably not get the tempura, again. Batter is on the thick side and gets a touch greasy when no longer piping hot


Weekend camping at Sushi I-Naba Manhattan Beach (temporary location in Torrance) with Yasu San to celebrate his birthday today (March 6):


There’s never NOT a reason to have Japanese comfort food*, but cold, rainy weather is an especially good reason.

Chicken katsu don from Sawtelle Tempura House. Doesn’t photgraph well but is mighty tasty. :slightly_smiling_face:

*edit: argh, finally got the double negative right!


Malama Pono - Hawaiian. Happy Hour Happiness. Flavor was good though the main dish, mahi mahi was a bit dry.

WFT - Warm French Toast is mind-blowingly good

Artelice Patisserie - Fruity ones are a tad sweet to my likings

Sakanaya - hiding from the rain and traffic in this place. Interesting. First time trying okoze. Not sure about the price tag.

Baekjeong - good old bbq, large intestines and cheesy egg


The new Rye Goods location in Tustin is in a very odd place even by OC standards. Tucked away in a random commercial area of Red Hill.

I opted for the everything carmelized onion brie croissant. Didn’t get much brie but the caramelized onion and everything spice was very good. The coloring of the inside was different since they use sourdough. The everything layer shattered and broke off after the first bite leaving a mess but I was able to incorporate pieces into each bite. Very good and lots of good options for pastries. This croissant came out to $7.28. If you add OC 7.75% tax there was an extra $0.82 or 13% they charged for employee benefit. There was a hand written note about this charge but I didn’t read it thoroughly or take a picture. I’m not mad about it and actually prefer this to the default 15/18/20 tip screen where you get guilted into the tip. There was no tip option presented when I paid.


I prefer the savory options over the sweet options at Rye Goods so good choice! The pesto twist is still my favorite from them, but it hasn’t been around for a while.

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