Mariscos Jalisco Truck Downtown

It’s a truck, but it’s always in about the same place near the corner of Towne and 10th downtown in the fashion district. They are really nice, and they have little stools you can sit on if you decide to eat there.

As the sign says, they’re selling tacos de camaron, and they are delicious. They also have ceviche, both shrimp and fish.

What you’re looking at here are two tacos back to back with the folds placed together. So you basically pick up half of this to eat it. It looks hard to eat, but it’s surprisingly not a complete mess. That’s because they deep fry the tacos after they make them. And that makes the flavor of the corn jump right out in your first bite. The other thing to notice is that in addition to the large, fresh tasting shrimp, they have a very small amount of what tasted like chicharones which gives it some texture and adds a saltiness to complement the shrimp. The salsa on top is very fresh and in addition to the flavor, the avocado keeps the salsa from being too one-note. These were some great tacos.

Is this a second truck of the same famous maricos jalisco or totally different or did they just switch location?

I believe it is the second outpost of the same famous Mariscos Jalisco. Either that or they completely copied the original’s paint job, menu, and dishes. I have found them to be equally delicious.

This place embodies what makes LA dining so great. A random truck doing a random dish magnificently well. Those tacos are perfect. They really are.


Peony: Cute food truck place. Good cooking. I feel I wasn’t able to enjoy the flavors to their best due to my inability to eat spicy. Just eating the food alone without the chile sauce, the seafood were very bland and not very tasty by themselves. So I recommend it more for people who can take the heat.

Warrior: I feel this is an “LA institution” type place, like Langer’s, The Pantry, and Dulan’s. Mariscos Jalisco is the best of the bunch. The food is not great, but the setting of a food truck with a grimy “dining room” make you think that poor is cool, like an interstate diner. The best dish is the oysters, which are fresh and well-shucked, with lots of brine. While I like my oysters au naturel, the lime, Mexican hot sauce, and chopped onions are good accompaniments. I don’t love the botana—the octopus and abalone are chewy without much flavor—but I appreciate the cool, fresh flavors. The deep-fried shrimp tacos have a good contrast of textures but little flavor. They would make a great dish for a county fair. While Holbox is a much better option for food in this genre, it is still worth trying this “LA experience.”

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Yeah that was kind of rude. I don’t think Raul is trying to make that “grimy dining room” cool. It’s probably what can be afforded. I don’t think they are backed by investors so maybe they can’t budget a nice dining room. Besides if you are a LA FTCer where you dine in does not matter as we know some of the best food in the city and county is on the streets and in hole in the walls.

Come on a dish that’s good for the county fair?


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Yeah…I remember going to the truck before it was “cool” and the only place to eat was to stand on the sidewalk or sit on that ledge in front of the truck. It would get crowded and people would be friendly and make room. You’d balance your plate on your lap, drink on the ground, watch your elbows with the person next to you and dig in.

When he managed to strike a deal to have that room be opened and have some tables, it was a welcome thing allowing people a little more elbow room and ease to eat. Like a lot of trucks and street vendors, the owners make do with what they have. Often that means functional, which as long as it’s clean and sanitary, who gives a F*k? Heaven forbid poor people be allowed to eat in comfort.

Anyone who thinks that set up was done to have cool points is wildly out of touch. Whole post is offensively condescending.


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this was delicious!! those shrimp tacos are like drugs

how spicy is the poseidon? didn’t get it but maybe next time

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Get the aguachile on the side when you order poseiden


Thieves Strike At Mariscos Jalisco, Stealing Both Cash and Octopus ~ L.A. TACO (

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They got a photo of the getaway truck. Hope they catch the basterds.