Michelin-starred restaurants touted this caviar as the best in local,


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so what are we learning here?

If you didn’t pick it, catch it, or shoot it, or forage it yourself, and you didn’t see who did, assume it’s from some factory farm. Pay extra $$ if you think it tastes good, but don’t assume a 100% markup means you’re saving the planet.

Disgusting but not surprising the caviar business is pretty shady and is not easy to farm ‘sturgeon’ for their roe. Much easier to import it from China instead

If you buy direct from a local farm that says it’s their own sustainable product and it’s not, that’s fraud. Caviar’s a particularly shady business, but it wasn’t just caviar.

Seven former Passmore employees and consultants told The Chronicle that Passmore rarely sold fish that was raised on the farm …