MidEast Tacos

review forthcoming?



(Also feat Ladyhawk, among others)

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the crispy thin papas and chicken quesadillas were good.

@hppzz power rankings forthcoming?

mideast tacos x nam coffee

chicken quesadilla - flour tortilla, mozzarella, chicken, salsa roja, red onion, cilantro, thai basil, toum árbrol, sumac

falafel taco, corn tortilla, falafel, avocado salsa, red onion, cilantro, thai basil, toum árbrol, sumac

chicken burrito, flour tortilla, chicken, rice, salsa roja, cilantro, thai basil, red onion, toum árbrol


Dang that looks like a lot of rice!


too much


Unfortunately, you’re right. Could have used something to contrast the rice and chicken.

Agree with @PorkyBelly the chicken quesadilla was the most tasty—maybe because it was the only one that had the most garlic toum, something mini kabob makes the best version of imo. I couldn’t really detect that on the others

Oh the potatoes were tasty but @PorkyBelly ate all the crispy ones and left me the limp ones :joy:


I feel like a hater for saying this but this place just does not intrigue me at all. What are they doing for tortillas? In house? It just feels like there are so many ways that this place can be mediocre!

Don’t worry I’ll try it soon though lol


How was the toum arbol?

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100%, with the same agita about being a hater. I probably shouldn’t say anything else without trying… Hard for me not to wish it was a Mini Kabob or Mh Zh.


RIP Mh Zh will never stop mourning that place.

Tortillas are Mejorado aka Burritos La Palma, so should be fine (tho tbh I didn’t like them with the fish tacos at Angry Egret (also RIP)).

I had MidEast when they were a pop-up in highland park and thought they were pretty cool. I’m not rushing over/wouldn’t maybe make a special trip but there’s not much else over there that hits quick + affordable + easy + interesting, right? Maybe like Simon and Bodega Park?


Dude. Mh Zh was my platonic ideal for a restaurant. Always holding out hope for a resurgence.


What are the Mh Zh people up to? Do we even know? I remember years ago they were supposed to go into the space that Dunsmoor now occupies, at least I think?

Are they out of the game entirely?


A cursory Internet search doesn’t reveal much, and I don’t have any info otherwise.

Kinda surprised there aren’t copycats. Mh Zh itself (which I quite liked) was a pretty unabashed rip of Port Said and Beit Romano in Tel Aviv, down to the paper bag menu and salads on shiny cardboard cake holders. And the chef of those, Eyal Shani, has opened outposts in New York the last few years. Oh well.

Ahh, he’s the Miznon guy. Don’t ask me how I know this but for the love of everything holy don’t go to Miznon in London. The Vienna outpost is pretty solid though.

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I heard (maybe on this board?) that the Mh Zh chef was at Mayfield in OC, but that was years ago. Have heard good things about Mayfield otherwise too. Definitely a shame that there isn’t anything with a clear lineage.


Ok everybody please calm down lol

Not too much Armenian here but the soda and the use of skewers. I’m happy for them though and this was a smart opening. hope they do well.


But did you enjoy it?

Yes. Good beef taco. Bang bang bang w Pine & Mashti


Haven’t been to Mayfield in a bit, but I can say that when it opened it was one of the best spots in Orange County. The problem with a lot of OC dining is that you have to cater to the OC crew, so some times good spots devolve a bit.

Anyway, I’ll go back to Mayfield soonish and try to report back.

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