Montreal recs for 8

Howdy all, heading to Montreal for a friend’s bachelor party. It will not be a rowdy crew and an emphasis will be on good eating. What’s the play in 2024 for spots that could seat 8?

I’ve heard a potential downhill alert for Joe Beef. Can anybody confirm or deny?

I’ve been recently. For good food I’d recommend:

Higher end:
Cabaret L’Enfer (tasting menu only, options for supplements)
Le Mousso (tasting menu only)
Bouillon Bilk (a la carte with a tasting menu option, reasonable wine pairing)

One small step lower in price and formality:
Vin Mon Lapin (great wine list, smallish seasonal a la carte)

If you want steak:
Monarque (although our experience was mixed here at lunch)


Haven’t been to Joe Beef in many many years so can’t comment on a downhill trend. Au Pied de Cochon is also an option if you’re big eaters, although their menu is a bit smaller post pandemic. You’ll be able to get some of the fun larger format dishes and still try other parts of the menu. If the timing and availability works out, going out of town a bit for Au Pied de Cochon’s Cabane a Sucre would be fun for a group of 8. It’s a set tasting menu served family style. I think their food is more interesting than the mothership to be honest.

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L’Express is great.

I probably wouldn’t go back to Au Pied de Cochon.

Two downhill alerts for Joe Beef:


Fully downhill on Joe Beef, avoid. I say see if Foxy can seat 8, great room, great food, killer wine, random neighborhood.


mckiernan. they can do a family style meal for a group of 8. but can’t go wrong ordering whatever.

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i went to le mousso like 8 years ago and it was so damn good. Very playful but also perfect.

Definitely gonna look into Vin Mon Lapin.

Le Mousso has probably evolved at lot since your last visit too. I’m not sure if they used to do this, but they run their service by bringing everyone their courses at the same time and the chef comes out and runs the entire restaurant through the course. For us English speakers one of the bilingual servers comes by and gives you a run through in English.

+1 to Foxy, had a great meal there pre-pandemic. It’s on a similar level in terms of formality, price point, ambitiousness of food as Vin Mon Lapin. Wine list is better at Vin Mon Lapin, but Vin Mon Lapin is also really popular right now because it’s #1 on one of the Canadian restaurant lists.

I recommend going at lunch because I think the experience is just as good and it’s easier to get a table. Leaving you more slots open for dinner-only places :smiley:

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I think vin mon lapin is great for a date night or smaller party of like 4. party of 8 though no idea how it’ll go lol.

for beers and trashy food, I like Messorem.
for an upscale cocktail spot with great food, bar george.

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Messorem is added to the list. Seems easier to get in than some of these other spots!

Oh I like this idea of L’Express for lunch. Emailed Foxy to see if they can seat 8

Few more thoughts:

Restaurant Da Emma - still a classic, i love the vibe of that basement
Garde Manger
Campo - maybe a bit cramped but fun
Pub Saint Pierre for oysters beforehand
Le Mal Nécessaire & Pamplemousse in Chinatown after dinner

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lol, messorem is not in a touristy area by any means. if beer is ya’lls things though, messorem is worth a visit. other nice microbrewery spots to try would be dieu du ciel or mellon brasserie. DDC is pub food. mellon has some food but honestly their food sucks.

Hey all, wanted to give a quick rundown before the rundown.

Thanks to all of you, I’ve crafted a damn good week/weekend of eating.

Long story short, doing Vin Mon Lapin the night we get in at 9:30 with my wife (who is the sole gal on this bachelor party lol.)
Thursday lunch is free, but then we’re doing L’Express for 4 of us. Then there’s a dinner for 8 of us at Foxy which I’m stoked about. Also plan to do Campo, but they won’t let us reserve for 8.

Thinking maybe Bar George for cocktails before Vin Mon Lapin. Fear not, I understand these places aren’t located close to each other.

Any other cocktail bar recs? Also, any killer lunch ideas for just two of us?


Excellent itinerary! You’re gonna have a great time.

Bar Le Mal Nécessaire
Bar St-Denis
Taverne Atlantic
Bar Le Sparrow
Bar à Flot
Le Darling

Restaurant Dobe & Andy (some of my fav Canto roasties anywhere)
Nita Tout Garni

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Woah, Restaurant Dobe & Andy looks great. Might have to swing through there Thursday for lunch! And then drag the rest of the bachelor party there when they arrive

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Coldroom is good for cocktails too, not that close to Vin Mon Lapin, but perhaps for another time although it is a single subway ride away.


Those uploads didn’t complete.

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Let’s try this again.

Thanks @caleb