Mooncakes in LA

Hi all, with Mid-Autumn festival around the corner, I wanted to seek some input on where the best (and best-priced!) mooncakes in LA are. I’ve gone to the usual 99 Ranch, 168, Hawaii, Shun Fat, and Wing Hop Fung, and was surprised to see that (1) WHF was the best priced and (2) Hawaii had the least variety. I’m interested in the traditional (non-snowy skin) ones, particularly those from HK/Taiwan or made locally. I’m also interested in interesting flavors - for example, I came across a durian mooncake from Thailand in Thaitown yesterday. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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OK, where??? Please don’t leave us durian lovers out in the cold!!

I just went browsing last night, and between the 99 Ranch in Fortune Plaza and the Hawaii across the street, I found the Hawaii to have the flavor variety I was looking for, so I bought some Winter Melon w/ 1 Yolk for $15.99 and some 5 Nut for $18.99.

Bhan Kanom Thai

$4.50 for individual durian mooncake, no yolk. Also offer durian with yolk, lotus, and set tin containers with 4 mooncakes.

Can I ask what brand your winter melon and five nuts were? Also, I saw wintermelon at Shun Fat Superstore in SG. Can’t remember the price.

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Both of mine were Xinyi brand.

I saw a durian mooncake with yolk, with the company address in HK, at good fortune on san gabriel blvd the other day. It’s with all their other mooncake, can’t miss it. Have not tried it yet, but will soon.

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Thanks! I’ve never been to Good Fortune, so I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in the area!

Kee Wah Bakery in the SGV. Some of the most famous mooncakes in the US. Double Yolk, Lotus Seed… thank me later.

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I bought multiple Kee Wah mooncakes last year and thought they were solid but was not overly impressed. At that price point, I’d rather go with Wing Wah or MX, or for a few dollars less, maybe St. Honore. I also find Eric Tsang to be slightly annoying.

Wing Wah FTW.

Kien Giang Bakery … if you enjoy abalone in your mooncakes (not with)

Sunny Bakery … most bestest durian snow mooncakes

Godiva … most bestest mooncakes with chocolate (duh)

85C Bakery … if you’re all about the packaging, cuz mooncakes are for giving, not eating

I Fu Tang … for made-to-measure mooncakes

Kee Wah … if you’re eagle-eyed for sales on Ralphs Private Selection and Kirkland products then these are for you

Costco … cuz you’re a cheap bastard


Hi @ipsedixit,

Wow, nice list. :slight_smile: I’ve never even heard of most of these.

I need to track down those durian mooncakes as a gift to a co-worker of mine who loves durian to death, LOL. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe they have abalone in mooncakes! I didn’t know it was a thing.

Also, for all these different types, didn’t you and JL and others used to joke that mooncakes weren’t really for eating? (just passing around? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, @ipsedixit! My parents LOVE durian. I’ll have to go get some for them. Do I need to special order them or can I just drop in? Same with I Fu Tang.

@Sgee Where can I find Wing Wah? I can’t seem to find the bakery online.

@attran99 They’re actually based in Hong Kong However, you can find their mooncakes at Ranch 99.

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Kien Giang and Sunny will have durian mooncakes available.

I Fu Tang, does not ordinarily stock durian mooncakes, so you have to call and inquire/request ahead.

For durian snowskin mooncake, I personally prefer the D24 one (in an orange box) that San Gabriel superstore carries in a cooler over the sunny bakery one. The latter was a bit chalky the last time I tried (although… That was 3+ years ago)

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I’ll second Sunny Bakery for the durian snowy. IFT has mini mooncakes in a wide variety of interesting flavors. Wide variety provided you get there sooner, rather than later. Granted, it was fairly late to be getting mooncakes, but a couple of years ago at IFT, I kept asking about flavors, only to have the woman at the bakery always reply: “No, we don’t have.” It was nearly a Monty Python cheese shop sketch moment (I nearly asked about the Stilton). Finally, I just grabbed a few random ones off the shelves.

Tanbii Bakery (Rosemead): XO Scallops

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how much was the D24?

I’ve been curious to try D24. Does anyone know whether they’re available individually packaged and not by the box?